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Quickie: Super-majority requirement for waging war

Many states have super-majority requirements (60% or 2/3) for raising taxes.  Some people have proposed that there be super-majority requirements for establishing or extending tax exemptions. I propose that a super-majority requirement of 2/3 or 75% be imposed on the US Congress for sending troops to fight overseas. If necessary, there should be a constitutional […]

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Hitler Holds News Conference, Thanks Balanced Budget Amendment For U.S. Defeat

(FNS – Washington, New Germany, April 17, 1947) America’s new Führer, Adolf Hitler, announced today that his official War History would in fact acknowledge that one of the biggest contributing factors to the defeat of the Allies was the insistence of the former United States of America on sticking to its Balanced Budget Amendment, which […]

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ComeHomeAmerica.US: A bipartisan call for an end to the wars

Here’s a bipartisan effort, with support from libertarians as well as progressives, to end America’s addiction to war and violence. Specifically, it calls on a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan. Check out the list of signers and add your comments. I received email about this website from a libertarian email list.