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A Joint Memorial Addressing Deficit Reduction and Jobs

The 45th Legislative District Democrats, Washington State Progressive Caucus, and The Washington State Democrats have voted unanimously to endorse the adoption of this Joint Memorial and ask our Washington State Senators and Legislators to pass the resolution with the same unanimity. Click here to sign a petition in support of this Joint Memorial. TO THE […]

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The main difference between conservatives and liberals

(Source: Occupy Wall Street, on facebook) Someone pointed out that Dems are guilty of war-mongering and corruption too. Yes, many Dems are so centrist that they don’t count as liberal. But the Repugs are worse and true liberals are progressive. Not all Dems are true liberals.

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Are progressives too hard on Obama?

In Assessing Obama’s “Peace” Moves author and journalist Robert Parry calls on progressives to view the withdraw from Iraq as a victory of the anti-war movement. The American Left is often hesitant to see anything positive in incremental changes like the pullout from Iraq and the combat shift in Afghanistan — preferring to focus on […]

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Vets & Soldiers Speak Out against War: Friday in Seattle

On the 10th anniversary of the Afghan invasion Vets & Soldiers Speak Out against War Friday, October 7, 7:30pm Doors open at 6:30pm Three generations of veterans and soldiers will examine the human and economic costs of the endless U.S. occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the rise of anti-war sentiment and suicide rates among […]

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Austerity economics do not turn around recessions and depressions

It’s easy to beat up on Keynsian economics in good times, but in a serious economic downturns, keynsian economics are the way up and out. The push and pull between keynsian economics and free market economics represent a scale and reasonable people will understand that both have their place in large-scale economic, real world applications. […]

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Quickie: Super-majority requirement for waging war

Many states have super-majority requirements (60% or 2/3) for raising taxes.  Some people have proposed that there be super-majority requirements for establishing or extending tax exemptions. I propose that a super-majority requirement of 2/3 or 75% be imposed on the US Congress for sending troops to fight overseas. If necessary, there should be a constitutional […]