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Washington military base Lewis-McChord blamed for Afghanistan troubles

The LA Times is reporting: Soldier held in Afghan killings was from troubled U.S. base Dozens of recent cases of killings, suicides and assaults have been linked to combat troops from sprawling Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. Reuters reports:  U.S. home base of Afghan massacre suspect scarred by scandals And CNN: Washington base back […]

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Juan Cole on Oil and Iraq

James Stafford with Oilprice.com suggested that their interview with Juan Cole would be of interest. With gas prices surging over $4 per gallon, oil news is probably of interest. I agree, therefore: Oil & Politics – The Real Situation in Iraq A delegation from the International Energy Agency spent two days in Baghdad speaking with […]

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Black Bloc 201

For folks who have not been present at non-violent demonstrations it may be helpful to understand that the original black block is the riot police who come out and assault non-violent demonstrators in a wholesale fashion. Some pretty peaceful and peace-loving folks have been assaulted by the police. Some of you may know Dorli Rainey […]

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A Joint Memorial Addressing Deficit Reduction and Jobs

The 45th Legislative District Democrats, Washington State Progressive Caucus, and The Washington State Democrats have voted unanimously to endorse the adoption of this Joint Memorial and ask our Washington State Senators and Legislators to pass the resolution with the same unanimity. Click here to sign a petition in support of this Joint Memorial. TO THE […]

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The main difference between conservatives and liberals

(Source: Occupy Wall Street, on facebook) Someone pointed out that Dems are guilty of war-mongering and corruption too. Yes, many Dems are so centrist that they don’t count as liberal. But the Repugs are worse and true liberals are progressive. Not all Dems are true liberals.