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Freedom Foundation protest coverage by the Bellevue Reporter

On September 28, hundreds of people protested the annual dinner of the Freedom Foundation in Bellevue, where the guest speaker was renowned racist Dinesh D’Souza. The Bellevue Reporter print edition had an excellent piece about the protest, including content critical of D’Souza and Trump. Oddly, though, the Bellevue Reporter website doesn’t, as of the time […]

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Making Bread While Baking Bread — A Celebration of Labor Day

One of my great-grandfathers, Rudolf Leo Schirra Sr., was born in Rammstein (no joke), Germany in 1876.  He emigrated to the US in 1889 and for the rest of his life lied about being born in Chicago, apparently to avoid immigration questions. Okay, so why care?  Well, Rudolf Senior was a labor organizer from about […]

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This Land's Run for the Wealthy Few

This land is Koch land, this land is Fox land From Silicon Valley to New York’s Wall Street From Texas oil rigs to northern tar fields This land’s run for the wealthy few. They wasted trillions on wars unneeded. They tortured people and made new enemies. They overthrew leaders democratically elected. They were working for […]

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Boeing loyal to its Russian investments

Boeing is at it again, eating its own in Puget Sound. The company will be laying off engineers in Washington and building a new model with dispersed “centers of excellence” around the country and the world, which is corporate-speak for hiring workers at lower salaries, no union protection, and less understanding of the intricacies of […]


T.U.I.F.: Thank Unions It's Friday

People often say. T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday.) But it’s the labor movement that brought us five day work weeks. So I propose T.U.I.F: Thank Unions It’s Friday

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Fact-checking a claim about Koch versus union spending

I signed a petition from Credo Action “urging PBS affiliate WGBH to remove David Koch from the Board of Trustees and Science Visiting Council because of his anti-science positions.”  After I signed the petition, it through up a fund-raising appeal from ActBlue containing the following claim: The Koch brothers spent over $400 million in 2012—more […]