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Lobbying Olympia for Fair Taxes

Steve Zemke and I went to Olympia on Friday and met, briefly or longer, with about a dozen legislators, including Maralyn Chase, Bob Hasegawa, Gayle Tarleton, Frank Chopp, Reuven Carylye, Cindy Ryu, Joe Fitzgibbon, Judy Clibborn, and Tana Senn.  We spoke about tax fairness and accountability for tax loopholes. We had in-depth discussions with a […]

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Vote “Maintain” on Five Eyman “Tax Advisory Votes”

The Washington State Ballot this November has five tax advisory votes which are very confusing to most people. These tax advisory votes were put there by  Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960 as his attempt to increase public resentment to any “tax” measures even when they benefit the larger public. The ballot title for each is basically […]

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Non-partisan issue: Blame game doesn't help keep Boeing

Once again, it’s time to play, “Who lost Boeing?” Led by Rodney Tom, Senate Republicans blame Gov. Jay Inslee, and inaction on a labor-opposed workers’ compensation bill, for up to 375 engineering jobs moving to California. This is the same Jay Inslee who worked hard in Congress to secure an air refueling tanker contract for […]

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Transportation Funding: It Gets Worse

It seems odds to look back at the 2005 legislative session, my first as a House member, as a pinnacle of progressivism.  After all, it was eight years ago.  George W. Bush was President. Yet consider: In 2003, legislative Democrats were routed by their own governor, Gary Locke, and a one-session Senate budget chair named […]

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Can we blame Tim Eyman for the Skagit bridge collapse?

The collapse of the Skagit bridge over I-90 has generated lots of discussion about the need to maintain our infrastructure, and about the need to raise tax revenue to do so. Someone suggested we should blame anti-government terrorist Tim Eyman for the collapse, since lack of funds resulted in poor maintenance. Someone else said that […]

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On the effort to eliminate tax giveaways

The state in the current biennium budget period gave out 176 tax breaks for B&O taxes totaling some $7.5 billion while collecting only $6.5 billion in revenue. The exemptions were 54% of the potential tax base. When an exemption is given it means that a tax shift occurs so the responsibility falls on someone else. […]