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The Anacortes Washington State Tea Party and its off-color, misogynist joke

The facebook page of the Washington State Tea Party posted the following crude, anti-woman joke. The joke was apparently posted by Andy Stevens. A woman from Los Angeles, who was a tree hugger, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, WA. There was a large tree on one of […]

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Rep. McDermott Chides Tea Party For Acting Like Poor Innocent Victims in IRS Examination

Via Rep. McDermott Chides Tea Party For Acting Like Poor Innocent Victims in IRS Examination McDermott said But as I listen to this discussion, I’d like to remind everyone what we are talking about here. None of your organizations were kept from organizing, or silenced. We are talking about whether or not the American taxpayers […]

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The IRS scandal

The year 2010 gave us Citizens United. Suddenly corporations were people who had the right of free speech. But corporations didn’t want their free speech to be disclosed. Enter the Koch Bros., Dick Armey and Freedom Works. In their basement lab, they concocted the very first para-political party, the Tea Party, disguised as a social […]

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SB 5011 would reverse progress on sustainable development

Right wing, anti-government activists are pushing a state bill to weaken growth management in Washington State. SB 5011 – 2013-14  would prohibit ” the state of Washington and its political subdivisions from adopting and developing environmental and developmental policies that infringe or restrict private property rights without due process.” As this New York Time article discusses, […]

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The Tea Party to the Rescue?

I’m tempted to to say it: hallelujah for the Tea Party and for Ron Paul Republicans! President Obama and the Democrats couldn’t find the will or the way to cut the outrageous military budget. But the New York Times is reporting that fiscal hawks within the GOP are winning out over the incensed military hawks:  […]

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Let's Go Over That Fiscal Cliff!

Hurray for the Republicans! They saved us from defeat by defeating themselves. Now President Obama holds all the cards. He should just hold onto them. What about the fiscal cliff? Indeed, what about it? It is a fiction of rhetoric, foisted on the American people by Wall Street and inside-the-beltway elites. Sort of like the […]

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Election 2012: Eerie Evergreen endorsements

Ah, late October…leaves turning into a riot of wondrous color, kids turning into ghouls, political yard signs springing up like unholy daffodils… …former sponsors and endorsers fleeing from Lance Armstrong and the Tea Party like the Black Plague. Voters here in Washington State and all across the land have finally torn the mask off the […]

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This can't be happening

Somebody wake me up from this nightmare. In 2008, an amazing 45% of voters chose John McCain and Sarah Palin, despite the recession and the disasters of the Iraq War and the rampant corruption accompanying Bush’s presidency. Then in 2010, the Republicans made a huge come back, giving the Dems a “shellacking” and taking over […]