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Climate Congress 2014 – The Contract with Climate

The election season is in full hysterical mode. The dems are beating on progressives who are fleeing to Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson, the repubs are beating on the dems with all the corporate money and psycho-linguistic technology they can muster and behind the scenes somewhere we have a bunch of faceless (poor things, they […]

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McCain and Whitehouse take on Citizens United –

McCain and Sheldon Whitehouse working together to rein in Citizen’s United — who knew? Go Montana! It’s not over until only people have the rights of people, and we get the money out of electoral politics.

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Rally to overturn Citizens United – May 14th, 12 Noon at Seattle City Hall

12 Noon May 14th – RALLY    Facebook Event , Seattle City Hall, 4th Ave Plaza, 600 Fourth Ave, Seattle 98104       Support a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling ! 2PM –  Seattle City Council votes on the resolution 3PM, or immediately after the Council has voted, -News Conference. We […]

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Taking on Critics of Move To Amend

After reading an article by Steven Rosenfeld on, I think it is important to begin to address some of the criticisms of the movement to amend the Constitution to state that Corporations Are Not People and Money Is Not Speech. Rosenfeld writes: Proposals from two leading grassroots groups, Move To Amend and Free Speech For People … […]