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Galloping towards the Apocalypse

Democrats and progressives have been celebrating their electoral gains in the House of Representatives and in local and state races. But Republicans will gain one or more seats in the U.S. Senate, and 85 year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg just had a bad fall and broke some ribs. If the Supreme Court rules that that Trump […]

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Plutocracy is comin, to the USA

New, alternative lyrics for Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy is coming, to the USA” (see videos below) Lyrics (c) Donald A. Smith D G D It’s coming from corruption that’s profane D A D From Grover Norquist’s government-hating brain G It’s coming from the spiel G_sus G That makes your head reel D G D when you […]

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Ashley Sanders on Move to Amend

Ashley Sanders a Move to Amend national spokesperson spoke Sep. 28, 2013 in Seattle, Washington to build connections, inspire activism, and reveal the origins of corporate power in America. This is a national campaign for a Constitutional Amendment at and a ballot initiative in approx. 20 states now, including Washington. Organizing to End Corporate […]

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What Is Dark Money?

Article Source: Author bio:,_Ph.D. Republished with permission from the author Americans are in the dark when it comes to ‘dark’ money, and our collective confusion—amounting to ignorance—won’t help in the months and years ahead while we watch stakes rise in each new election cycle. Illumination into the nature of dark money won’t come […]

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'Declaration For Democracy' Campaign to Overturn Citizens United

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Bill Moyer, Executive Director, Backbone Campaign 206-356-9980, February 7, 2013 The Backbone Campaign and Allies Applaud Re-Launch of ‘Declaration For Democracy’ Campaign to Overturn Citizens United 2,000 Public Officials Have Already Expressed Support for Constitutional Amendment WASHINGTON – This week The Backbone Campaign and ally organizations applauded the re-launch of […]

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Gregoire calls for new revenue; smarty pants elitist liberal minces no words in telling the truth

On January 5, 2012, the Washington Supreme Court ruled: “We affirm the trial court’s declaratory ruling and hold that the State has not complied with its Article IX, section 1 duty to make ample provision for the education of all children in Washington.”  (Summary of Supreme Court’s McCleary v. State Decision) Governor Christine Gregoire has […]