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So that fiscal cliff wasn’t much of a ride, was it? We went over that cliff for a day and a half, and nothing much happened. Then Obama signed the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012,” and we are off and running to the next artificial crisis with even more escalating rhetoric, brought to us […]

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Will Obama ride to the rescue for Republicans?

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks says, in Obama Will Ride to the Rescue … for Republicans: The Republicans have put themselves in a holy mess with this Plan B debacle. They now have less than zero leverage. They are a national laughingstock. A majority of the country now thinks they are “too extreme.” They […]

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How the Chained CPI is a stealth cut to Social Security benefits

The Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) has published a brief on one of the proposed changes to Social Security under the “fiscal cliff” deal – this one known as the “Chained CPI.” The Chained CPI is a bit complex, but here’s the bottom line: it would cut benefits for Social Security recipients by shrinking […]

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Panetta: We Need to Cut DOD Budget

During a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.,  [Defense Secretary] Panetta said lawmakers should take out about $74 billion in “needless” spending on weapons that “have outlived their usefulness.” —  from Panetta: We Need to Cut DOD Budget But our leaders in D.C. instead want to cut Social Security. Don’t put up […]

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Note to Incumbents on Social Security

Interested in re-election in 2014? You can pack your bags for home if you vote for the chained CPI. It doesn’t matter what party: if you are a Democrat, the Republican candidate will hammer you for cutting Social Security. And if you are a Republican, the Democratic candidate will hammer you for cutting Social Security. […]

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Rally to defend the New Deal and end the Bush tax cuts, Seattle, Monday at noon

Monday, 10 Dec 2012, 12:00 PM Let’s Support A Progressive Champion – 9 miles away Rep. Jim McDermott’s Office 32 registered participant(s) (100 maximum) 1809 7th St  (map) Seattle, WA 98101 Hosted by Amanda Morgan Description Since 1989, Rep. McDermott has been fighting for the people’s rights over corporations and big money. He has shown […]

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Wed. Dec 5 Rallies to support Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

On Wednesday, December 5th, AFGE Local 3937 will lead actions statewide to support Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. The locations and times are below. The message will be: No cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, including cost of living adjustments No more office closings, reduced service hours, pushing of Internet self-service, or staffing cuts […]