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Constituents will oppose re-election of lawmakers who vote to cut Social Security

My Inbox is filled with outraged emails from advocacy groups concerned about the President’s plan to cut Social Security. The government spends trillions of dollars on corrupt, immoral, disastrous wars; on bailouts for the very banks that crashed the economy; and on tax breaks and subsidies for corporations.   It is unacceptable that they want to […]

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Are you still a Democrat if you want to cut Social Security?

Roll Call: Most Democrats Vote AGAINST Progressive Budget Legislation, including: Rep. Suzan DelBene Rep. Denny Heck Rep. Rick Larsen Rep. Derek Kilmer Rep. Adam Smith The Progressive budget is the Back to Work Budget. Plenty of not particularly left sources think the Back To Work Budget an excellent idea. President Bill Clinton: “The most comprehensive […]

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Just Scrap the Cap in video contest – take action to defend Social Security

From: Robby Stern <> Here is a chance to do something really cool. Pete Peterson’s foundation is all about cutting Social Security. We can stick a needle into his efforts and promote the Scrap the Cap video. Just Scrap the Cap  was submitted to a video contest run by Pete Peterson’s foundation that is about […]

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Chained CPI for Social Security means forcing seniors, veterans onto food stamps

If you follow this blog, you already know the Chained CPI – a proposed change to Social Security’s annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) – is really just backdoor attempt to cut Social Security benefits. A retiree who lived to age 85 would see a cumulative benefit cut of nearly $14,000. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that […]

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How the sequester impacts Washington seniors

Below is the Press Release that the Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans set to all Washington state media outlets today regarding the impacts of the sequester.  Senators Murray and Cantwell Stand Up for Fairness Today, the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts, the “sequester,” took effect and soon our community will feel the impact on […]

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Social Security is not broke: speeches by Economist Dean Baker and Dr. Marilyn Watkins

“Economist Dean Baker and Dr. Marilyn Watkins (EOI) explain how Social Security is an insurance program that really works for retirees, disabled workers and survivors. Since our pension system has been dismantled by corporations, and 401Ks are just not enough for the majority of workers to retire on, Social Security is the best program we […]

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Protest Microsoft's support for cutting Social Security, Feb 20th near UW

Working Washington reports: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz isn’t the only local CEO who is backing the corporate front group “Fix the Debt.”  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been fronting too.  It’s time for them to get real. The CEOs behind Fix the Debt want to lower tax rates on the rich, create or extend corporate […]

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Social Security Works – Washington Upcoming Event

Long-time opponents of Social Security spun wild yarns about the debt and deficit this summer, and during the run-up to the so-called “fiscal cliff”. Ignoring ten years of war and tax cuts for the wealthy (both purchased on the national credit card), as well as a pandemic of Wall Street greed that nearly sunk the […]

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No sense of citizenship – or shame: Wealthy corporate CEOs want Social Security, Medicare on chopping block

I like to consider myself a sensible guy – someone who can set aside my own self-interest to recognize other people’s need, concerns and desires – particularly when it comes to politics and public policy. But in this case, I’m really struggling to identify with America’s leading CEOs. The Business Roundtable represents 200 of our […]