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Wag the Dog, Part II

Senator Fraser, Representative Hunt and Representative Reykdal all spoke on January 3rd about the “big achievement” of the recent Special Session that was able to cut 480 million dollars to reduce the budget deficit, about 25% of the amount that it is assumed will need to be cut. There was some sense of dread about […]

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Tim Eyman Slashes, Gov. Gregoire and Speaker Chopp Don't Fight

Governor Gregoire and the legislature propose raising the regressive sales tax to overcome the budget shortfall that was caused by decades of tax cuts for the rich, reckless deregulation, and disastrous wars. Why don’t they instead eliminate some of the billions of dollars in tax breaks that benefit the 1%?  See Demand Tax Fairness in […]

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Report on SOS Occupy the Capitol

December 1, Olympia. Day four of protests against proposed budget cuts at the special legislative session. Services Employees International Union (SEIU) and Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) sponsored today’s events. Although there were about 200 unionists in attendance, there was not the swarm of unionists about the capitol campus. The multi-generational SOS contingent included […]

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$1 Billion in Progressive Annual Revenue: Take Back the Giveaways

The purpose of the above document is to outline a series of revenue proposals worth half of the $2 billion legislators will seek to save/raise/cut in the upcoming special session.  As you can see, the proposals include both tax increases on the well-to-do, and elimination of tax exemptions that, again, favor the well-to-do. EOI doesn’t […]

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Automatic cuts would exempt Social Security and Medicare

According to As Deadline Nears, What If the ‘Super Committee’ Fails? The Social Security retirement program is exempt from the automatic spending cuts. The Medicaid health-care program is also protected as are veterans’ benefits, food stamps, and a handful of other programs to help the poor and disabled. While Medicare benefits would be spared from […]

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Recall or censure Patty Murray if the Super Committee proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Washington is one of 18 states allowing for recalls of sitting US Senators. (See here and here.) If the Super Committee that Senator Patty Murray is co-chairing proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare I believe Washingtonians should mount a recall effort against her.  This is especially needed if the Super Committee endorses  no tax […]

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PDA rallies Wed. Nov 16 in Tacoma Everett, about Super Committee

Our senator, Patty Murray, is co-chair of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. Although Murray’s record for progressive goals is better than most other Democratic senators’, scuttlebutt from the other Washington says that the six Democrats on the Super Committee are leaning to the right of the Cat Food Commission in their recommendations for […]

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Time to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes to Save Jobs

Last week our Governor released her “Budget Roadmap” for cutting another $2 to $4 billion from the State Budget. But Hoover proved long ago that we can not cut our way to prosperity. Each billion in cuts equates to the loss of 10,000 public and private sector jobs. Firing public workers in the middle […]