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The non sequitur in Seattle is Dying

The KOMO documentary Seattle is Dying is a powerful  and angry film, denouncing the city council and courts for allowing homeless camps, tents, filth, and crime to fester. It depicts the low-functioning homeless who are drug addicted, mentally ill, and/or criminal. It condemns the inability or unwillingness of the police, courts, and city council to […]

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Without Amazon’s interference, San Francisco taxes big business

By Melanie Mazza  at EOI Online Two cities struggle to fund homelessness relief. One succeeds. San Francisco just did something Seattle couldn’t manage: on Election Day, they voted to tax big business to fund homelessness relief. Like Seattle, San Francisco is a tech city whose rising costs have pushed people out of the area and out […]

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InspireSeattle: Nick Licata's Observations of ALEC

Hi everyone!  Below is an invitation to our next InspireSeattle Social, Sunday November 15th at 5:30PM at Dave and Pat Griffith’s home.  We have scored again and will have a great speaker, Nick Licata to discuss his Observations of ALEC. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE FROM OUR USUAL DAY AND TIME!  Remember – IT’S A POTLUCK!! Come join us!   www.inspireseattle.org InspireSeattle Invites YOU […]

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Income Inequality in King County (and America)

InspireSeattle invites YOU to join us at our Social Forum: Saturday, May 30th at 6:30PM. Main discussion topic for this evening: Income Inequality in King County (and America) Much has been written and said of the widening income inequality in America. But even with the press coverage the issue has been receiving recently, most Americans […]