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Resolution in Opposition to Rodney Tom’s candidacy for State Senate

Note: the 5th, 41st, 45th and 48th LD Democrats have passed versions of this resolution. Resolution in Opposition to Rodney Tom’s candidacy for State Senate WHEREAS in 2012 then State Senator Rodney Tom began caucusing with the Republicans and formed, with Republicans, the so-called Majority Coalition Caucus — despite having been elected as a Democrat; WHEREAS […]

Joan McBride Rodney Tom

Joan McBride: I am a Democrat and a progressive

Former Kirkland mayor Joan McBride  spoke Sunday at the Legislative Action Committee meeting of the King County Democrats. McBride is challenging Rodney Tom for the state senate seat in the 48th LD. Contrary to rumors that had been spreading around facebook, Ms. McBride never was a Republican.  She is apparently a real Democrat and a […]

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Environmentalists target Rodney Tom

Washington Conservation Voters is holding a canvass/door-to-door  On Tuesday, March 11 from 3PM to 5PM to in Rodney Tom’s district, the 48th LD, to inform voters of his bad deeds with respect to thwarting environmental legislation.     See details here. They write: As the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Rodney Tom must be held responsible for his […]

Homelessness Rodney Tom

Rodney Tom harms the homeless

From Publicola (third item): Word is Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Medina), head of the Republican-dominated Majority Coalition Caucus, wanted the bill killed to snub ardent low-income housing advocate and speaker of the house Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford). Bill co-sponsor Sen. Hobbs tells Fizz: “Tom told me and Sen. Benton that he told Angel to […]

Economic Justice Rodney Tom

Rodney Tom lives in Medina, opposes $15 minimum wage

See Dems plan minimum-wage hike; Senate leader dumps on it. Noisy protesters should target his house in Medina.  I’m thinking of the raw, Seattle area protesters who like to get arrested. I wonder if  such people would be willing to get involved in what might seem to them to be partisan politics.  For example, if […]

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Surprise finding: What's blocking Bertha, the tunnel boring machine?

Matt Preedy, deputy WSDOT viaduct replacement program administrator, and Chris Dixon, project manager with Seattle Tunnel Partners, announced today that engineers had discovered what’s blocking Bertha, the giant tunnel-boring drill stuck beneath Pier 48 on the Seattle waterfront:  Rodney Tom and Pam Roach of the Senate Majority Coalition. Engineers discovered that Tom (D-48th LD) and […]