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Republicans are raising YOUR taxes, but not the taxes of rich people

Republicans in Washington State are planning to raise your taxes. On Monday, March 2, the State Senate, under control of the Republicans, voted to raise gas taxes by 11.7 cents over three years. Now, in fact, I support raising the gas tax, both because it generates revenue needed for transportation and because it discourages driving, […]

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Wasted trillions of dollars on corrupt, disastrous wars. Slashed taxes for rich people. Deregulated Wall Street and banking, causing the 2008 market crash. Continue to oppose regulation of Wall Street. Allow corporations to move profits and jobs overseas. Oppose funding of the IRS to investigate tax evasion. Gerrymander election districts and enact voter-id and other […]

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Amazing GOP hypocrisy

From USA Today’s story Challenger concedes GOP primary to controversial rep A transcript of DesJarlais’ 2001 divorce showed that he and his then-wife, Susan, made a mutual decision to have two abortions. Still another woman has charged that DesJarlais encouraged her to get an abortion as well. DesJarlais, a doctor whose congressional seat was a […]

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Conservative ideology

Conservative ideology is based on protecting rich people from having to pay for the benefits they reap from government: peace at home, stable markets, infrastructure, an educated work force, research, potable water, clean air, public health, etc. Conservatives wasted trillions on corrupt, disastrous wars and are happy to pay subsidies to corporate farmers and Big […]

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Moderate Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski voted more similary to Dems than to Repugs

An analysis of voting records of US Senators shows that moderate Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski voted more similarly to Democrats than to Republicans. This continues the analysis of Congressional voting records begun in Visualized grouping of US Congress members by similarities in their voting record.  The data is based on voting records collected at […]

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Bundy, Sterling: GOP dream ticket for 2016

Photo by George Frey The radical right here in America now boasts two fresh heroes: Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. With their eager penchant for plainspoken hypocrisy and outright bigotry, they ought to be a swell choice for the Tea Party/Republican presidential nomination come 2016. First, good old boy Cliven Bundy rode heroically onto the […]