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Step 9 Rethink Democracy

If we really want to restore or Democracy and end corporate corruption, it is time to change the way we think about elections – which are the foundation of our Democracy. The corporate controlled media would like to divide and conquer us by using artificial terms like liberals and conservatives, right versus left and Democrats […]

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Political Fables for a Political Year

The WA Post has back to back stories in my digest this morning that I found interesting. In the first story, the Government Accountability Office found that the Republican’s budget showdown over the debt limit coast the county 1.3 billion dollars last year. That is money that we could have used somewhere else in my […]

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The Republican Party is a stinking, shameless cesspool of corruption, lies, extremism, and cruelty

On guns, on global warming, on economic inequality, on taxation,  on torture, on Guantanamo, on gay rights, on regulations, on green energy, on health care, and on many other issues, the Republicans ignore facts, common sense, and basic human decency. This is not to say that the Dems are perfect; far from it. But the […]

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CO2 Emissions are a Planetary Problem

I have noticed that the foolish and/or dishonest folks who remain interested or reimbursed to disseminate misleading information about anthropogenic global warming are repeating the story about the fall in US CO2 emissions. That misleading presentation is being framed as evidence that the burning of fossil fuels and emission of C02 is not a real […]

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Raising alarms about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): worse than NAFTA

America: A Fire Sale to Foreign Corporations The leaked document reveals that the trade agreement would give unprecedented political authority and legal protection to foreign corporations.  Specifically, TPP would (1) severely limit regulation of foreign corporations operating within U.S. boundaries, giving them greater rights than domestic firms, (2) extend incentives for U.S. firms to move  […]

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McCain and Whitehouse take on Citizens United –

McCain and Sheldon Whitehouse working together to rein in Citizen’s United — who knew? Go Montana! It’s not over until only people have the rights of people, and we get the money out of electoral politics.

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Link: MF Global: The Untold Story of the Biggest Wall Street Collapse Since Lehman

MF Global: The Untold Story of the Biggest Wall Street Collapse Since Lehman “There are plenty of lessons to be learned from MF Global and heart-pounding policy implications; all of which we can count on Congress to ignore at the behest of the Wall Street money and lobby machine until the next epic financial crisis.”

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Free Speech Battle Over Protests Looming at Seattle Colleges

A major battle over free speech is being waged on local college campuses in Seattle. The Seattle Community College District Board of Trustees wants to revise the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for Seattle colleges. The district is proposing new rules that would regulate protests on all three of the city’s state funded community college campuses. […]