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Corporate Democrats ruin the Democratic brand

I think it is important to distinguish rank and file Democrats from the Corporate Crony Current leaders of the Democratic party.  These leaders have betrayed rank and file Democrats. My view is that the PEOPLE themselves are the Democratic Party. They are already on our side. FDR Democrats are still there. They simply do not […]

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How can liberals and educated people fight back against religious extremism without seeming intolerant?

Right wing religious folk are interfering in the political process with their superstitious, regressive, dangerous views. Their support for Republicans is destroying the country and possibly our environment, causing disastrous wars, corruption, torture, economic injustice, climate-change denial, attacks on science, attacks on women’s rights, etc, etc. Reasonable people need to fight back. One way to […]

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The End of Loser Liberalism

Economist and Co-Founder of The Center for Economic and Policy Research Dean Baker has released a free, online edition of his book The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive “Progressives need a fundamentally new approach to politics. They have been losing not just because conservatives have so much more money and power, but also […]

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Socialism Wins? Canadians Richer, Healthier, & More Socially Mobile Than Americans

Socialism Wins? Canadians Richer, Healthier, & More Socially Mobile Than Americans I’d prefer a less harsh sounding word than “socialism” but maybe that’s just because the Right has been so successful at badmouthing things they want destroy.

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In a breathtaking act of betrayal, Democratic Rep. Deb Eddy endorses Republican Steve Litzow

The other day I got a glossy campaign mailing from State Senator Steve Litzow (Republican, 41st LD).  It says front center: Dear Neighbor, As community leaders and mothers concerned for our children’s futures, we urge you to support re-election of Steve Litzow to the State Senate. His record of independent leadership on education and the […]

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In The Truth About Obama’s Tax Proposal (and the Lies the Regressives are Telling About It), Robert Reich uses the word “regressives” to refer to our ideological opponents, who are often called “conservatives.” But regressives don’t conserve much of anything, except perhaps the wealth and power of the privileged few. Reich points out the lies […]