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"Occupy Obama" Could Turn Up Heat on the Democrats

From Truthout: President Barack Obama is no longer running unchallenged in all the major primary states, thanks to activists in Iowa who are focusing their Occupy Wall Street activism onto the headquarters of the Obama for President campaign office this Saturday, October 22, in Des Moines.The “Occupy Obama” event is being organized in part by […]

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Big protest at Westlake Park, noon Saturday

Progressives of all stripes are converging at Westlake Center in Seattle tomorrow at noon for a big protest against corruption and injustice. Joining hundreds of similar protests around the country, activists will be saying loud and clear: We’re fed up with the out-of-control corruption, war-mongering, injustice, and lack of accountability of our political system. The […]

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Transpartisan dialog: is it possible?

I’ve been getting invitations to events organized by “Seattle Transpartisan Alliance” (also here). They wish to find common areas of agreement across the political spectrum, between libertarians and liberals, in particular. For example, they aim to “Reconcile regulation and cooperation with individual liberty, innovation, entrepreneurship and healthy competition.” My first impulse is to reject the […]

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The straw that may break the donkey's back: can Democrats defend Obama?

Since the election loss last year, a deepening sense of dread and fear has descended upon many Democrats. The right wing juggernaut seems unstoppable. Emboldened conservatives are succeeding with their plan to drown government in a bathtub.  They are in the process of dismantling decades of progressive legislation and reform. The transfer of wealth and […]

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Obama the Centrist

John McCain, in Obama is a Centrist, says “The president has become more centrist, which makes him easier to work with.” Paul Krugman, in The Centrist Cop-Out, says “President Obama initially tried to strike a ‘Grand Bargain’ with Republicans over taxes and spending. To do so, he not only chose not to make an issue […]

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First face the facts

On the way to work yesterday, a young (drunk) guy and his girlfriend got on the bus, after putting their bicycles on the bike rack next to mine.  When the young guy heard me discussing politics with the bus driver, he said, “Well, we oughta half the size of government, ’cause the politicians are screwing […]

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AM1090 Forum in Kent: Kucinich shines, progressive talk show hosts mostly defend Obama

On Saturday about a thousand people went to the Showare Center in Kent, WA to hear speeches and a panel discussion by Dennis Kucinich, Ron Reagan, Jr., Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller,  Mike Malloy, and Mike Papantonio. Kucinich Kucinich got repeated cheers and standing ovations from the crowd. He said the expected things about […]

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Now it's clear: July 23 Speakout event to include Jim McDermott

In an earlier post, Questions about Progressive Congress’s Speakout event on July 23 in Seattle, I expressed confusion and perplexity about the purpose of a Speakout (“Congressional Listening Tour”) event in Seattle. But today I got email that explained what’s going on. Rep Jim McDermott (D), a progressive hero, and other unspecified lawmakers will be […]