EOI on public employee compensation

Conservatives are slashing state budgets, as well as tax rates for the well-to-do. They’re blaming budget problems on the alleged high pay of public employees. This report from the Economic Opportunity Institute exposes some of the myths about public employee compensation. Wages of public employees are typically lower than those of people working in private […]


"Could Washington Be the Next Wisconsin?"

Check out this sneak peek into the Anti-Labor Administration of Governor Rob McKenna, at the Stranger. On the campaign trail, McKenna will rail against state workers—their cost-of-living increases, skyrocketing health care costs, and “fat” pensions—but of course, that’s how all Republican candidates talk these days, so neither pundits nor plebs will take much notice.


HB 1366: The Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act

Call Speaker Frank Chopp at (360) 786-7920 TODAY with this message: Please pull the Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act (HB 1366) out of the Rules Committee for a floor vote. Women facing a possible unintended pregnancy deserve to know the truth about these centers and to have their medical information kept private. Limited service […]

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Boycott Koch Industries? Are You Down With That?

I am down with that. If you want to get the attention of the Koch brothers and express your disapproval of their attack on unions, the middle class and working folks, all you have to do is stop giving your dollars to purchase Koch Industries products. Alternet has picked up this story: How You Can […]


Cameron Peters charts the path into – and out of – Washington state’s budget morass

(Originally published here.  Reprinted by permission of Economic Opportunity Institute) When you’re lost, it’s best to figure out where you are before trying to get to where you want to go. So if you’re finding it difficult to get a clear handle on what’s going on with the state budget, try reading these two succinct […]

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Is Roger Ailes About to Be Indicted?

That is the story making the rounds. Here are some links to that story: The Big Picture has some background information regarding the story, that one from Barry Ritholtz David Corn has a piece at Politics Daily that has details and a take on the story Business Insider has analysis of the News Corp cautious […]

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Army of Fake Social Media Friends to Promote Propaganda

I have posted about this before, but I think the story and its importance have not gotten any traction yet. I am not sure why that is the case because this is a pretty amazing revelation about the automation of propaganda and disinformation by the intelligence community against the American people. Darlene Storm over at […]

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Thousands rally in Olympia

In solidarity with Wisconsin citizens protesting the hostile takeover of public sector jobs and unregulated privatization of public works contracts proposed by WI Gov. Scott Walker, thousands of people here in Washington rallied at the state capitol  in Olympia yesterday. Amid chants of “What’s disgusting…union busting” and “Hey, hey,  ho, ho, Scott Walker’s got to […]