Adam Smith Peace TPP War

Lobbying Adam Smith on war and the TPP

This afternoon I attended Rep. Adam Smith’s salmon bake in Bellevue. I mentioned problems with our military: ex-military generals whose punditry is corrupted by connections to military contractors; cost over-runs and design flaws in the F-35; and our history of supporting the wrong side in conflicts.  As always, Smith acknowledges the existence of the problems.  […]

Dennis Kucinich Peace

Dennis Kucinich Peace Forum in Seattle and Bellevue, Oct 16

5:30pm to 8 pm at UW Kane Hall in Seattle 7 to 9 pm at Bellevue College Theater To attend, RSVP at our website, Friends, Are you tired of endless wars and immoral bombing of innocent women and children? Join us to hear the national leader of the Peace Movement and winner of the […]

Conservativism Libertarianism Peace Progressives War

Hey, anti-war conservatives, can we work together to rein in military waste and destruction?

There are many conservatives of a libertarian bent who want to rein in military waste and adventurism. Progressives and libertarians both oppose the immense corruption, waste, loss of rights, and destruction that results from the activities of the military and security state. Ron Paul and many of his followers come to mind. But so does […]

Economic Justice Peace Religion

Christians, work with us for peace and justice, by rejecting right wing politics

Pope Francis has called on atheists to unite with religious people and work for a “homemade peace” that will spread worldwide. I say: Christians, if you really believe in peace and in the teachings of Jesus, stop voting for conservative politicians who start immoral, disastrous wars; who sell the soul of the US to mammon; […]

Military Force Peace War

Talks on Syria & Iran by Dick Blakney, Jim Eachus, and Richard Silverstein

Talk by Dick Blakney and Jim Eachus on the military crisis in Syria and recent openings from Iran. Delivered at Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation monthly meeting in Seattle Oct. 20, 2013. Part1 of 2: (Blakney and Eachus) Talk by Richard Silverstein on the military crisis in Syria and recent openings from Iran. Delivered at […]

Activism Peace Protests War

On stopping perpetual wars

Are people creating affinity groups (groups of trusted friends who share your values and support each other) to do creative nonviolent direct actions in case Congress votes for Military Action or Obama orders the start of a new war? Who are you having dinner with tonight? A conference call with tomorrow? My daughter thought they […]

Military Force Obama Peace War

Bombing Syria Isn't Warranted, Won't Fix Congress's Partisan Stalemate

I am willing to believe the Obama Administration’s claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on Syrians. And anyone who has read about World War I chlorine and mustard gas casualties knows what a horror these weapons are, and understands that even war has its rules. Yet does crossing this “line” require a U.S. […]