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Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd) works to raise awareness of the costs of militarism

Roger Waters, the 78 year old creative genius behind the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, is launching the This is Not a Drill Tour.  Checkout  that web page for tour dates and venues.  He’ll be in Portland, Oregon on Sept 10 and in Tacoma on Sept 16.  He’ll be at many other cities before and […]

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A call for a World Peace Concert

In the 1960s, anti-war music, rock music, and folk music transformed culture and helped bring an end to the Vietnam War. Nowadays, there seems to be too little popular music about social justice and peace. The costs of war are largely hidden from people. Films cover war mostly as entertainment. Soldiers are treated as heroes […]

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Listen to the music of Donald Trump’s face

This is what Donald Trump’s photo sounds like when I feed it to my software for converting images to music: Your browser does not support the audio element. Here’s a second rendering of Trump’s face, using a different algorithm: Your browser does not support the audio element. Here’s what Barack Obama’s photo sounds like:  […]


A question for opera lovers

Many opera critics say that if a singer (such as Andrea Bocelli) needs a microphone to sound good then they’re not an authentic, great opera singer. But is that fair and reasonable criterion? Why are volume and the ability to project over an orchestra valued so highly? I’d much prefer to hear a musical, beautiful […]


A new style piano keyboard that would be easier to play

About 20 years ago I had an idea for a piano with a black key between each white key. The piano keys would look like the second set in the image below. The advantages of such a piano are To play a piece in a different key, one need only shift one’s hands to the […]

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Plutocracy is comin, to the USA

New, alternative lyrics for Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy is coming, to the USA” (see videos below) Lyrics (c) Donald A. Smith D G D It’s coming from corruption that’s profane D A D From Grover Norquist’s government-hating brain G It’s coming from the spiel G_sus G That makes your head reel D G D when you […]

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Veterans For Peace Concert Saturday in Seattle, Jim Page video

Please join us Saturday night (the 27th at 7-pm) in Seattle for a great music performance for the benefit of Seattle Veterans For Peace. with Jim Page and Tom Neilson.  Veterans For Peace 92 Fundraising Concert Saturday, July 27th, 7:00 PM University Temple United Methodist Church, Fireside Room 1415 NE 43rd St. (at 15th Ave […]