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A tale of two studies: poor research leads to poor findings on minimum wage

Seattle’s economy is booming: construction everywhere, crowded streets and transit, housing costs soaring, bustling neighborhood restaurants, and a 2.6% unemployment rate. Much of this growth is driven by high wage-tech jobs and the spillover effect of all those workers eating out, shopping, and paying premium prices. It’s in this context that Seattle instituted its higher […]

Minimum wage Washington State Politics

Raising wages statewide is a job for We The People

Over the next couple weeks, young people across the region will be graduating with new degrees and high hopes for the future. They are competing for jobs in an economy where the contrast between the the haves and have nots is stark. The occupations projected to have the most job openings in King County and […]

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We can assure a good quality of life for all

What are the elements of a good quality of life? Good, accessible and affordable health care. Being able to pay your bills. Living in a welcoming home. Having a job with a wage that reflects the value of your work. Knowing your kids can get a good education in our public school system, our community […]

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Voter support clear for wage, sick leave legislation

The just-concluded elections helped to resolve nothing in our state. We will have a small Republican majority in the state Senate and a small Democratic majority in the state House. They won’t agree on much of anything. Perhaps the Legislature can take a few hints from other states and cities around the country. In Arkansas, […]

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Increase wages to protect Social Security Trust Fund

This week the Social Security Trustees reported that our FICA contributions plus interest, net of all benefits paid out, have increased the Social Security Trust Fund by $32 billion. The trustees also forecast that Social Security benefits are completely sustainable for the next two decades. The media hasn’t played these reports up much, perhaps because […]

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Boycott Seattle burger chains on Feb 20

Seattle fast food workers have called for a citywide boycott of the big burger chains — McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s — on February 20th in support of a $15 an hour wage that boosts the economy and lifts workers out of poverty. Join us: Pack your lunch, spread the word, and show support for […]

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Sat. Feb 15, help fight for $15, in Seattle

EIU 775 Headquarters 215 Columbia St. Seattle, WA 98104 Sat. Jan 15 at 2:00 PM From the facebook page: Join 15 Now to launch a group in your neighborhood to educate, mobilize and help raise the Fight for 15 to the next level! The Fight for 15 in Seattle has been gathering momentum, but winning […]

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The long march for a $15/hr minimum wage

Last Thursday, on one of the coldest days in years, more than 100 fast food workers & community allies marched all the way from SeaTac to Seattle City Hall for $15 an hour — that’s 13+ miles and the temperature never got above freezing. A day-long march in the bone-chilling cold may sound pretty rough, […]