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Badass Teachers target Microsoft for avoiding taxes

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promotes the privatization of public schools and were influential in donating in support of the Washington State charter schools initiative, I-1240, in 2010. The registered sponsor for the initiative was the League of Education Voters. I-1240 campaign was funded partly by a “handful” of Puget Sound area billionaires, including […]

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Microsoft's tax avoidance schemes: national and in Washington State

(revised, 2014/10/28) Bloomberg reported in 2012: “A U.S. Senate committee memo said Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) used aggressive international tax maneuvers to avoid billions of dollars in taxes over the past three years. … Microsoft used transactions with subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, Ireland, Singapore and Bermuda to save at least $6.5 billion in taxes.” It “shifts […]

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Restoring Good Karma

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella created a national uproar when he advised women to rely on “good karma” for a raise. He almost immediately retracted. But if Nadella had instead advised women to ask for raises and urged girls to pursue computer science degrees, that still would have been the wrong answer to the gender wage […]

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Boycott Microsoft (Black Friday Mourning Picket!) November 28

Join us in our #BoycottMicrosoft Black Friday Mourning Picket! The Badass Teachers of WA are calling on everyone who cares about the future. Come prepared to: Carry a light for every child who didn’t get the attention their teacher wanted to give them because of criminal underfunding of schools. Mourn the learning opportunities lost in […]

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Plutocracy is comin, to the USA

New, alternative lyrics for Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy is coming, to the USA” (see videos below) Lyrics © Donald A. Smith D G D It’s coming from corruption that’s profane D A D From Grover Norquist’s government-hating brain G It’s coming from the spiel G_sus G That makes your head reel D G D when you […]

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High tech corporations export jobs and profits, import workers Progressives unknowingly allied themselves with rich corporations on immigration reform. High tech companies like Microsoft, google, Apple, and hire thousands of foreign engineers but generally refuse to pay taxes that would support educating local workers.

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Microsoft abandons practice that Bill Gates promoted for public schools

Lots of my coworkers came from Microsoft, and they all say it was a horrible place to work because of “stacked ranking”, according to which workers were graded against coworkers, on a curve, and the weakest workers were pushed out. It caused workers to avoid helping coworkers, for fear of giving them a leg up. […]