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Microsoft & Boeing receive billions in tax breaks, fund astro-turf groups

There were big endorsements for Steve Litzow, Jay Inslee and others who support charter schools. The endorsements came from the charter-schools-loving League of Education Voters, which is funded by Microsoft, Boeing, the Seattle Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and others. Follow the money. Boeing and Microsoft enjoy massive tax breaks and use their money to fund […]

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DelBene, TPP, and Microsoft stock: should she recuse herself?

Rep. Suzan DelBene is apparently going to vote in favor of trade promotion authority (“fast track”) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, unlike Reps McDermott, Smith, and Heck. A friend called DelBene’s office and an aide said she is voting for fast-track. Last fall I spoke to her and asked her to oppose it. She was very […]

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Microsoft and Boeing convinced Gregoire to back a costly tunnel, but they avoid paying state taxes

In Road Kill: How Bertha Left the Surface-Street Option In the Dust, Ellis E. Conklin reports that “Powerful interests rallied around the tunnel and diverted then-Governor Gregoire from a less costly route.” Specifically, “The downtown business interests, the Chamber of Commerce, Boeing, the unions, they all wanted a highway, period. Nothing was going to stop […]

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DelBene betrays the Democratic Party, apparently

Which 35 House Democrats Just Joined the GOP to Try to Gut Dodd-Frank? lists Washington Rep. Suzan DelBene among the turncoats. Ultimately, the GOP-sponsored bill to roll back reforms failed, when enough Democrats voted against it to prevent the 2/3rds majority needed for it to pass as a suspension of rules. Last I heard DelBene […]

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Question for Rep. Suzan DelBene

I presume Microsoft would benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.  Rep. Suzan Delbene and her husband, Kurt DelBene, both used to work for Microsoft in senior management positions. Both of them have personal ties to the company and presumably own considerable stock in Microsoft. Shouldn’t she recuse herself from votes concerning the TPP? Or […]

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More corporate welfare for Microsoft

From FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) and (June 30, 2009). See the section in bold for how the bill benefits Microsoft and for Rep. Ross Hunter’s role in promoting it. Hunter also led the charge for tax breaks for Microsoft. Under a new Washington State law, foreign guest workers — and their families […]

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Microsoft Dodges Taxes

  Microsoft Admits Keeping $92 Billion Offshore to Avoid Paying $29 Billion in US Taxes Microsoft could find payoff, take high road by paying up taxes Microsoft doesn’t need our tax break Microsoft’s Staggering Tax Dodge Alone Would Fund the Entire State of Washington for Two Years Microsoft’s tax avoidance schemes: national and in Washington […]

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Press Release: Black Friday: Boycott Microsoft and Picket to Demand Tax Fairness

Contact: Julianna Dauble 206-856-1357 November 12, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Black Friday: Boycott Microsoft and Picket to Demand Tax Fairness ” Seattle – Washington Badass Teachers Association (WA-BATS) a grassroots group of career educators protecting our public education system from further degradation is holding a public protest on Friday, November 28th, 2014 at the overpass […]