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Right wing propaganda books

While shopping in Issaquah today, I stopped at Barnes & Nobel to look for the book “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power” by Jeff Sharlet.     As I looked through the Current Affairs section I was struck by the large number of right wing propaganda books — by Glenn […]

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Quickie: Fanning the flames of racial hatred for profit

$42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel the Rise of Islamophobia in America This is not to say there aren’t legitimate problems with Islam or with immigration, but some people have an ideological or economic interest in fanning the flames of racial hatred.  Without an enemy, how can you justify a police state and massive […]

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News from the Stealth War Front

Wednesday Media was asked if it could cover a meeting of Act For America ( in Chehalis on August 27th.  [Editor’s note: ACT! for America is an organization devoted to speaking “the truth about radical Islam, terror and jihad.”] We tried, but it was a hard slog. Here are some notes from the meeting and […]

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AM1090 Forum in Kent: Kucinich shines, progressive talk show hosts mostly defend Obama

On Saturday about a thousand people went to the Showare Center in Kent, WA to hear speeches and a panel discussion by Dennis Kucinich, Ron Reagan, Jr., Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller,  Mike Malloy, and Mike Papantonio. Kucinich Kucinich got repeated cheers and standing ovations from the crowd. He said the expected things about […]

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NW Roots Conference: Joel Connelly and others at media workshop

Joel Connelly attended the NW Roots conference in Seattle yesterday and wrote these two articles about it: Inslee takes the edge off controversial idea and Red meat from a vegan — Kucinich. The second article contains several taunts against Kucinich: “fiery old-time populism, mixed with New Age”, “is looking to Washington as a state where […]

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Norman Goldman, Bob Hasegawa, and Adam Kline speak at the WPC banquet

Saturday evening I attended Washington Public Campaign’s Annual Awards Banquet, held at South King County Community College. The keynote speaker was progressive radio host Norman Goldman. State Senator Adam Kline was master of ceremonies . State Rep. Bob Hasegawa won the public leadership award.  I’ll summarize some salient points from their speeches and from the […]

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The twelve-step program that works, but probably not for you

Over the last thirty years, Republicans, conservative Democrats, and their well-to-do allies have perfected a twelve-step program that has worked to transform America. Cut taxes and establish loopholes and subsidies for the rich and the corporations, to redistribute wealth upwards, drown government in red ink, and justify slashing of social programs. a. Lowest tax rates […]