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Making Marriage Last – Do Atheists Do It Better?

Conservative Christians think of themselves as the last line of defense for a time honored and holy tradition, marriage. In the conservative Christian view, marriage is a sacred union ordained by God. It binds one man and woman together so that the “two become one flesh” until they are parted by death. This view of […]

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Marriage ceremony of Corporate Person and Angel Vogel: further video

As a follow-up to Marriage ceremony of Corporate Person and Angela Vogel, here’s  a longer, 31 minute video, including at minute 11:00 the Raging Grannies singing their funny song:    “Will she become like him, all arrogance and breed. What will their kids look like when they start to greed?”  

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Quickie: one reason why Obama supports gay marriage

I support gay rights but question whether the fight for full marriage quality isn’t a wedge issue that will distract voters from more important issues such as war, military spending, the economy,  economic justice, corruption, climate change, health care, taxation, and green energy. Politicians love wedge issues.  Actually, I’m not sure of this. Maybe gay […]

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Mitt, Rush on Marriage

In this video, Mtt Romney says he opposes gay marriages wants to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. “3000 years of human history shouldn’t be discarded so quickly.” But “Mitt Romney’s great-great-grandfather was Parley Pratt, a Mormon apostle who had twelve wives. ” (source)