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Good, Better, Best: How to Speak Liberally, Part 2

How else might liberals re-tool their rhetorical game plan and regain control of political playing field? • How about the anemic economy? We keep hearing it referred to as some sort of amorphous “economic downturn.” Far-right talk-show hosts even suggest it’s President Obama’s doing, as though the recession magically materialized the very moment he took […]

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Good, Better, Best: How to Speak Liberally, Part 1

It’s abundantly clear—loud and clear, in fact—that, when it comes to political debate in this country, conservative corporatists not only own the field of play, they make up the rules to suit their game plan. What used to be known as the “news media” has been bought out and fashioned into primarily a rumor-mongering, ratings-chasing […]

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Fighting for the Message: Liberal Guerrillas Need to Work on “Left Hook”

We’ve heard it all before, over and over and over again: “Obama’s a Kenyan/Moslem/Socialist who’s bent on taking away our liberty/guns/free market by encouraging illegal immigration/building secret FEMA detention camps/wielding unconstitutional executive powers!” Those Americans who actually take the time to become informed instead of inhaling viral conservative emails, absorbing Fox News propaganda, and plugging […]

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How Obama Frames Issues to Help Romney

Obama vs. Romney: The Framing Matchup, Round One Where Romney talks morality (conservative style), Obama mainly talks policy. Where Romney reframes Obama, Obama does not reframe Romney. In fact, he reinforces Romney’s frames in the first part of his speech by repeating Romney’s language word for word – without spelling out his own values explicitly. […]

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Labor Notes: Why Did So Many Workers Vote for Walker?

From … We progressive labor people might smugly shake our heads and ask, how can these people vote against their own interests? While some of them are serious cultural conservatives or racists, probably a majority legitimately see themselves as actually voting in their own self interest. People struggling to get by on $12-15 an […]

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Report on meeting about progressive coalition building, with Rocky Anderson

Saturday afternoon I attended a meeting on “Progressive Coalition Building – 2012 and Beyond” at Green Lake library in Seattle. The meeting was organized by supporters of Rocky Anderson, who is running for President under the auspices of the Justice Party. Anderson spoke by Skype for the first 45 minutes. (Impressively clear audio and video!) […]