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Look Who’s Taking Coal Money

This post is part of the research project: Northwest Coal Exports and was originally published at Sightline Daily. If ever an industry needed good PR, it’s coal. The industry can’t hope to promote its own coal export schemes in the Northwest so instead it buys support from local consulting and PR firms willing to do coal’s […]

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Anti-coal light brigade

If you are concerned about the proposed coal trains coming through our city and region, you are invited to help create overpass light brigade-style signs to let more people know about the Seattle public hearing on Dec. 13.  The Backbone Campaign is generously providing expertise as well as some materials.  We’ll be creating signs over two evenings, so please join us* […]

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The Republicon con game, and why impeachment mattered

I’m reading Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right. Great book! Depressing. It tells the vivid story of how right wingers were able to quickly recover from the disasters of the Bush Administration and to reinvent themselves by 2010 as the saviors of the middle class.  In […]

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Look what the bastards did to our country!

Some people think there’s too much partisanship. They think we need to be politer and more accommodating to people of “conservative” political persuasion. No way! Look what the bastards did to our country!  At the end of the Clinton Presidency, we were at peace and the US government was running surpluses. After eight years of […]

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All tactics diminish in effectivness with continued use

I got to thinking about an old piece of Saul Alinsky advice after reading the article cited below. Alinsky said that if you were sitting in at corporate offices and started running into comfortable chairs and snacks set out for the protesters, it was time to switch to a new tactic. Lots of other examples. […]

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Real Change's 99 to 1 discussion groups

Real Change Reads is a new program that brings people together to discuss books that matter, and launches this month with 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It. Real Change Reads builds relationships across class to identify common interests and create a movement for economic […]

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Insufficent Outrage, as expressed by John Jonik

Americans should be more outraged about many things: global warming denial, economic injustice, militarism, corruption, and lack of accountability, for starters. It’s sad that the public is letting the leaders pick their pockets and destroy so much of what makes the country great. John Jonik is a prolific and spot-on political cartoonist who grants permission […]

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The End of Loser Liberalism

Economist and Co-Founder of The Center for Economic and Policy Research Dean Baker has released a free, online edition of his book The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive “Progressives need a fundamentally new approach to politics. They have been losing not just because conservatives have so much more money and power, but also […]