Testimony on establishing a state bank for the cannibas industry

I testified today in support of Bob Hasegawa‘s S.B. 5955 which would establish a State Bank to create a financing infrastructure for the cannabis industry. My testimony begins at time mark 29:15 in the linked video. The audience enjoyed my characterization of Wall Street banksters as the real criminals that we should be worried about.



Medical Marijuana Forum- Ryan Day clip

The passage of I-502 which decriminalized possession and use of recreational marijuana could threaten access to medicine for Medical Marijuana patients in Washington State if the Legislature implements the state Liquor Control Board’s plan. The father of a 5 yo child who suffers from a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy which has been found to be miraculously alleviated by the cannabinoid CBD gave this testimony about how proposed changes to Washington’s medical marijuana laws could threaten his son’s treatment and his family’s financial solvency. Recorded at Seattle Town Hall 12/21/13.

Pirate TV recorded all 3 hours of this important Medical Marijuana community form yesterday. This is just one compelling clip. All 3 hours will soon be available on the web. Stay tuned…

Medical mj protest in Olympia

On a trip to Olympia on Friday, I saw outside the capitol protesters dressed in red advocating for more tolerant treatment of medical marijuana.

Washington State Capitol

This woman explained to me that she needs to take special breeds of marijuana for her medical condition; recreational marijuana that the state has legalized will likely not have the correct effect (easing of symptoms) and may just make her high.
Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol

Feds crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle and elsewhere

Feds Ramp Up Crackdowns On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

“In several West Coast cities, federal officials are initiating a new round of crackdowns against dispensaries that are seemingly complying with state medical marijuana law. In Seattle, 11 dispensaries received shutdown warnings. In San Francisco, almost half of the city’s small number of state-licensed dispensaries received similar warnings. And in neighboring cities like San Jose, several others were warned….”

Doesn’t the Justice Department have better things to do?