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WA GOP: Fund filthy roads first

For background, see Democrats Challenge Republican Two Thirds Rule, Shut Down Senate Transportation Vote The Democratic amendment, which lost on a party line vote, would have also blocked a controversial GOP amendment that takes all sales tax revenue from transportation projects out of the general fund (about $1 billion) and puts it into the transportation […]

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Surprise finding: What's blocking Bertha, the tunnel boring machine?

Matt Preedy, deputy WSDOT viaduct replacement program administrator, and Chris Dixon, project manager with Seattle Tunnel Partners, announced today that engineers had discovered what’s blocking Bertha, the giant tunnel-boring drill stuck beneath Pier 48 on the Seattle waterfront:  Rodney Tom and Pam Roach of the Senate Majority Coalition. Engineers discovered that Tom (D-48th LD) and […]

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A Critical Moment for Public Transit

State lawmakers are at an impasse, with Sen. Rodney Tom‘s Majority Coalition Caucus stubbornly holding our transit funding hostage to their austerity agenda.  Dow Constantine has announced that King County will pursue a “Plan B” to save Metro, sending a regressive tax package (a flat Vehicle License Fee of up to $100 and a sales […]

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Transit is a great example of how government can play a positive role

Transportation is a great example of the positive role government can play in providing services. But Republicans have prevented the passage of a transportation budget, and without further, Metro Transit will have to make drastic cut to bus routes. Mayors, city council member and the business community are nearly unanimous in calling for passage of […]

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We Don’t Need a $12B Transportation Package

by Jennifer Langston King County should save Metro on its own. Earlier this year, the US House of Representatives—a body that has shut down the government over health care reform, taken a hatchet to food stamps, opposed regulating greenhouse gases, and held immigration legislation hostage—still managed to support a federal transportation bill that devoted roughly 20 […]

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Cheer the Majority Coalition if you like ….

Enjoying the gridlock on I-405 and I-5? Wanna see more bridges collapse, like the Skagit River Bridge did earlier this year? Happy about the mentally deranged man who stabbed two people in Pioneer Square, killing one of them?  Or about the practice of “warehousing” mentally ill patients due to the lack of psychiatric beds in […]