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Anarchism, libertarianism, and the way forward

In Are Occupiers aiding Grover Norquist? I presented a critique of anarchism, claiming that anarchist Occupiers were unwittingly aiding right-wing libertarians and ignoring the benefits of government. Dave Fryett responded to my analysis in On the Appeal of Anarchism, a Response to Don Smith’s “Are Anarchists in Occupy Aiding Grover Norquist?”.  In this article I […]

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Libertarians who get rich from the government

In 11 Questions You Should Ask Libertarians to See if They’re Hypocrites Richard (RJ) Eskow describes how libertarianism in America was raised from the grave by billionaire benefactors, such as the Koch brothers, who were eager to justify the lower taxes and deregulation that have crashed our economy and concentrated wealth in the hands of […]

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Sam Seder: Economic Libertarianism is a fantasyland

Sam Seder nails it about libertarians and their puerile fantasies. Building codes needed to protect against earthquakes?   “Are people in Haiti more free because they’re out from under the scourge of building codes?”  Government needed for safe water and food? A fire department? “If you’re lucky you’ll be able to convince the rest of the […]

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How do liberals and conservatives differ? Review of Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind

According to Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are divided by politics and religion, liberals and conservatives differ significantly on the moral foundations on which they base their lives.  Haidt thinks that conservatives base their ethics on additional principles beyond those used by liberals, and those extra principles give conservatives an […]

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Without government, we'd be hunter-gatherers

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, the transition from a society based on hunter-gathering  to a modern state progressed hand-in-hand with the development of agriculture.  Government protections and laws enabled trade, storage, and distribution systems. Surpluses resulting from agriculture funded government.   Farm labor could be enlisted for […]

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Countering anti-government propaganda: the case of the Freedom Foundation

If you listen to right-wing AM talk radio, or visit conservative websites, you’ll be subject to relentless propaganda about how government is inefficient and doesn’t produce anything of value. Conservatives just love to hate government.  And they love to talk about “freedom” and “liberty.” Of course, the anti-government propaganda is nonsense. Thanks to government we […]

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The Tea Party to the Rescue?

I’m tempted to to say it: hallelujah for the Tea Party and for Ron Paul Republicans! President Obama and the Democrats couldn’t find the will or the way to cut the outrageous military budget. But the New York Times is reporting that fiscal hawks within the GOP are winning out over the incensed military hawks:  […]

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Pee and politics

Raw Story reports: Emmy Award-winning The Mary Tyler Show actor Ed Asner recently asked a Fox News producer if he could “piss on” him after he was confronted about a California Federation of Teachers video that showed cartoon rich people urinating on poor people. Fox News host Sean Hannity and other conservative pundits first began […]