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With Boeing, politicians show true colors

With politicians’ heavy thumbs upon the scale of the 777X decision, the Machinists have spoken. Again. In 1894, railroad magnate George Pullman crushed a strike, declaring that “workers have nothing to do with the amount of wages they shall receive; that is solely the business of the company.” Labor relations are much more genial today. […]

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Seattle Teachers Association selected as the most valuable union nationwide

The Nation selected the Seattle Teachers Association as the MOST VALUABLE UNION: The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013. “When teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School refused to administer the Measures of Academic Progress test to ninth graders in January—with support from parents, students, rank-and-file activists from Seattle Equality Educators and local NAACP leaders—they put the […]

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Tell the Port Commissioners to stand with the SeaTac community

Looks like Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle Commissioners don’t care about what voters say. The voters of SeaTac, by passing Proposition 1 the Good Jobs Initiative, have said that every airport job should be a good job. But now Alaska Airlines is trying to take that away. Tell the Port Commissioners to stop […]

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The long march for a $15/hr minimum wage

Last Thursday, on one of the coldest days in years, more than 100 fast food workers & community allies marched all the way from SeaTac to Seattle City Hall for $15 an hour — that’s 13+ miles and the temperature never got above freezing. A day-long march in the bone-chilling cold may sound pretty rough, […]

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Respecting workers and their work

Last month voters approved a $15 an hour minimum wage for workers at Sea-Tac. In California, Ron Utz, a conservative Silicon Valley millionaire, is pushing an initiative for a $12 minimum wage. In Seattle, there is a growing movement for increasing the minimum wage to $15 within the city limits. Is this a trend? Perhaps […]

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Link: Victory for Prop 1 Won’t Stop Business Expansion at SeaTac Airport

From Victory for Prop 1 Won’t Stop Business Expansion at SeaTac Airport: Just last week the final tally came in on SeaTac’s proposition 1. The “ayes” have it. So the sky must be falling, right? Afterall, opponents of the biggest campaign the City of SeaTac has ever seen have been claiming for months that businesses […]

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March for $15 minimum wage this Thursday, SeaTac to Seattle City Hall

Working Washington reports: People said demanding $15 an hour was unrealistic. They said it couldn’t be done. But this year’s elections proved them wrong. It’s official: SeaTac voted to pass the Good Jobs Initiative! And Seattle is next. On December 5th, fast food workers are leading an all-day march from SeaTac to Seattle City Hall […]

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Tax-break Boeing needs to get to work

So how about that $8.7 billion tax give-away Boeing just received to build the 777X? We have been here before. In 2003, the Legislature excused Boeing from $4 billion in taxes, in order to build the 787 in our state. What happened to that $4 billion? Over $1 billion was used to construct a copycat […]

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Opposition to the Boeing deal

Senator Bob Hasegawa explains his opposition to the Governor’s bill to extend tax breaks to Boeing: Hasegawa said the bill is being rushed; there are 9 billion dollars at stake. There’s insufficient data to back up the claims of a 3-to-1 return on investments.  There’s no guarantee that Boeing won’t make room for 777 […]

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Flush the TPP, actions in Seattle

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pull The Democracy Dismantling TPP Out Of The Shadows & Into Public Scrutiny Can We Count on YOU? —-> RSVP to mobilize the Overpass Light Brigade! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Send a email RSVP to let us know we can count on you. Join the facebook event HERE We need 20+ friends to mobilize the […]