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How the Seattle Times could prosper

I’ve never subscribed to the Seattle Times. The reason is that, as a progressive, I disagree with many of the political endorsements by the editorial board. Yet when I speak with conservatives they often say they dislike the Seattle Times because it’s too liberal! The Seattle Times gets hit from both sides of the political […]

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Deceptive anti-government article in the Seattle P-I

The Seattle P-I often publishes click-bait photo essays, which ask the user to click through a series of Getty images to read short summaries.  The photo essays hardly count as “articles”. The first page is a rewording of some source article. The reader spends most of her time clicking through the pretty photos. I suppose […]

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The Onion in talks with Fox Entertainment Group

Cole Bolton, editor-in-chief of the satirical website The Onion announced today that three of the six senior writers have resigned and that the publication is seeking a buyer due to decreasing ad revenue. Former senior writer Anthony Wilcox said, in an exclusive interview, “The root cause is that the political situation in America has become […]

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Apparent anti-semitic headline on TheMarketBusiness, recommended by google

On April 25, the news aggregation site included among its top headlines a link and summary to an article from with the following headline. To Meet Jew Donors, Ted Cruz heads to Vegas Here’s an image of the article as it appeared on April 25 at, 2015 at 8:10AM PST: The first […]

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Does Alternet have an anti-Christian bias?

I detect an anti-Christian bias on Alternet. I think they enjoy publishing articles critical of Christianity. (BTW, I am an atheist.) For example, the following article has a deceptive title. The title suggests that Christians have higher rates of porn addiction than non-Christians. But the body of the article says otherwise. Porn Addiction in the […]

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Future of Independent Media:

Independent journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield talks with Norman Goldman about efforts to bring back progressive and independent voices to the Northwest US media. KPTK(Seattle) & KPOJ(Portland) went off the air, sparking groups like Progressive Radio Northwest and KRXY to launch campaigns to establish new broadcast stations and networks in Washington and Oregon.


Bias in headlines about Bill and Hillary Clinton

I often visit to see top stories, and I often notice the bias in headlines. Today, there are grossly conflicting headlines about Mitt Romney’s interview with NBC’s David Gregory. The Daily Caller’s headline reads: Romney: Bill Clinton ’embarrassed the nation, breached his responsibilities as … ‎Gregory asked Romney to respond to Rand Paul’s description […]