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Thoughts on Governor Inslee's climate proposal… and UW forum on Jan 14

The past week has been dominated by Governor Inslee’s climate proposal (and by the Seattle Times editorial board arguing for a revenue-neutral alternative!), so here are some thoughts, with a preface that Divest UW and Green Evans are organizing a climate policy forum for Wednesday night Jan 14 featuring KC Golden from Climate Solutions, yours […]

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Al Gore Praises Inslee's Climate Plan

At the Seattle Westin today, Al Gore spoke to a full banquet room at a fundraiser for Jay Inslee. Gore offered praise for the Washington Governor’s much vaunted plan to combat global warming. Inslee has proposed putting a price on carbon, improving public transportation, encouraging energy efficiency, and increasing use of solar power and electric […]

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Inslee's executive order concerning carbon

Yesterday, we got a response of sorts: Governor Inslee signed an executive order that has been described as everything from “a big leap forward” to “underwhelming”. Our view is that it falls well short of what we asked for in our open letter: instead of a detailed policy proposal there’s a “Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce” […]

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Not just Republicans are to blame for economic inequality

Oxfam released a report recently about economic inequality, World’s 85 richest people own nearly half of global wealth: Oxfam report. “In the US, the wealthiest 1 per cent of the population grabbed 95 per cent of post-financial crisis growth between 2009 and 2012, while the bottom 90 per cent became poorer.” “Wealthy elites have co-opted […]

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Opposition to the Boeing deal

Senator Bob Hasegawa explains his opposition to the Governor’s bill to extend tax breaks to Boeing: Hasegawa said the bill is being rushed; there are 9 billion dollars at stake. There’s insufficient data to back up the claims of a 3-to-1 return on investments.  There’s no guarantee that Boeing won’t make room for 777 […]

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Governor Inslee's Testimony on Boeing Tax Breaks

On Thursday Nov 7, Gov. Inslee testified to the the House Finance Committee, chaired by Reuven Carlyle, in favor of extending til 2040 tax breaks for Boeing, in exchange for Boeing’s agreeing to build the 777X plane here in Washington State. Inslee says the deal will be a net win for the taxpayers, due to […]

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My testimony to Gov. Inslee and the legislators about climate change

Wednesday evening over 400 people attended the hearings in Seattle organized by the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup. It seems that most of attendees wanted to testify.  People were chosen at random, by number, and the numbers chosen ranged has high as the low 400s. My number did not come up. Here is the testimony I […]