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The Onion in talks with Fox Entertainment Group

Cole Bolton, editor-in-chief of the satirical website The Onion announced today that three of the six senior writers have resigned and that the publication is seeking a buyer due to decreasing ad revenue. Former senior writer Anthony Wilcox said, in an exclusive interview, “The root cause is that the political situation in America has become […]

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Lefty wikipedia:

I bought the domain name with the idea of making a progressive (and factual) alternative to wikipedia and to Some of the politically sensitive articles on wikipedia are edited/hacked by conservatives and do not reflect the truth. See, for example, Battle over the facts concerning Chuck Hagel. The site, which is written […]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction – Freedom of the Press? US Activists and Journalists Face Surveillance

By Mark Taylor-Canfield (From Mark’s  Syndicated Monthly Column – “Weapons of Mass Distraction”) Thank you to the editors for allowing me to tell the truth without censorship! Here’s another of my honest efforts to do just that. I only hope this piece doesn’t get me into trouble with my own publishers at other websites and/or […]

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Why I Don't Trust "Isms": Chris Hedges Versus The Black Bloc

Originally published by CounterPunch – Editor Jeffery St Clair by MARK TAYLOR-CANFIELD A recent article by Chris Hedges is once again causing heated arguments among activists in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy,” was published in his syndicated column back in February, but folks are now talking about […]

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Virtually Speaking: Gloria Feldt, Marcy Wheeler, Susie Madrak, Avedon Carol, Lambert Strether, Culture of Truth, Stuart Zechman, Jay Ackroyd

Big week coming up; talk worth listening to. But first, from our growing collection of audio commentary on Jay Ackroyd’s You-Tube page: The Z Files: Success, in which Stuart Zechman describes Rush Limbaugh’s facility for distraction and disinformation. Schedule for Sunday, March 18 through Thursday, March 22. This week: Gloria Feldt, Avedon Carol, Marcy Wheeler, […]

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Computer-generated articles based on the statistics of news feeds

Over the past two and a half  years I have daily been collecting news feeds from about 70 news organizations and blogs, including Fox News, The Nation, NewsBusters, OpEdNews, NewsMax, Washington Post, CNN, Truthout, ThinkProgress, and the Wall Street Journal. All together, there are over 636,000 articles (some consisting of only the abstracts, some having […]