Anti-immigrant “Blood and Soil” leaflets in Clyde Hill

A friend emailed me:

On my driveway today was a ziplock bag with a melted Snickers bar and a leaflet that says, “KEEP AMERICA AMERICAN. REPORT ANY AND ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS THEY ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS THEY ARE CRIMINALS CALL 1-866-DHS-2ICE. BLOODANDSOIL.ORG Honestly, I am shaking and thoroughly disgusted that fascists are at work here. The phrase ‘Blood and Soil’ expresses a racist and nationalistic ideology originating in pre-Nazi Germany and is now used by white nationalists in this country. In my opinion it expresses ideas antithetical to our American experience and ideals.

A friend said she collected three blocks of these leaflets on 24th, 23rd, 22nd and 21st st NE between 98th (Clyde Hill Elementary) and Bellevue Way NE:

Keep America American: Nazi leafleting in Clyde Hill, WA

 Someone on reported that the Bellevue Police Department stopped two men who were distributing the leaflets. It’s unclear whether the police detained them or asked them to stop.  Even hate speech is protected under the First Amendment.

Someone else told me that it was Clyde Hill police, not Bellevue police, who stopped the people, who were driving an old green Ford and throwing the leaflets at houses and into bushes.

Someone pointed out that such racism is promoted by Tucker Carlson on Fox News:

May Day March and Rally for Workers and Immigrant Rights

Rally with thousands of workers and immigrant rights supporters. The event will focus on standing together with all workers regardless of race, class, gender, sexual identity and documentation status.
Join with Radical Women participants who will be marching with the Libertad para Nestora/Freedom for Nestora Committee. Look for our signs and banner!

Thursday May 1st, 2014. 3:00pm 
The march will begin at St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave South, Seattle.
It will end with a rally at Westlake Park.

For more information on the event, go to:
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Rally in solidarity with Northwest Detention Center Hunger Strikers March 11

Rally in solidarity with Northwest Detention Center Hunger Strikers: 5:00 – 7:00p.m. Tuesday, March 11 (Get  carpool information below)

1000 more signatures needed by 5pm tomorrow.  Please, sign the petition here.

On Friday, March 7th, 1200 people held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, one of the largest immigration prisons in the country, began a hunger strike and work stoppage. They are putting their bodies on the line to protest the on-going deportations overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the inhumane conditions at the for-profit detention center owned and operated by the GEO Corporation.

Inspired in part by the February 24 #Not1More deportation action at the detention center, the hunger strikers timed their action to begin on Friday. On Fridays, the people facing imminent deportation are separated and processed for deportation, weekly events that contribute to the nearly 2,000,000 deported during the Obama administration. The hunger strikers join a nation-wide movement of resistance against unprecedented levels of detention and deportation


We will be meeting at 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle 98118 (New Freeway Hall) at 3:30pm and departing at 4pm. If you can call ahead to say whether you need a ride or can offer rides that is helpful, but not necessary. 206-722-2453.

For more information on the rally visit the Facebook page.
For directions click here. 

Apart from calling attention to the unrelenting deportations, the hunger strikers demands include:

– Improved food quality
– Improved treatment (including medical treatment)
– Increased pay for work in the facility (the current pay is $1.00/day)
– An end to exorbitant commissary prices
– Fundamental fairness and justice

Time for comprehensive immigration reform

Washington State recently passed legislation, The Dream Act, ensuring that students who seek a college education have a chance at scholarships to fulfill their dreams. It’s a step in the right direction, but we need to do more. It’s time for Congress to act for our entire country and create a fair pathway to citizenship.

Anyone who lives in Washington knows how much our economy and daily life depends on the hard work and contributions of immigrants. American businesses and our economy relies on the work performed by immigrants – work that many others elect not to do.

So, we need to make immigration reform a priority and Americans are on board. Seventy-eight percent of Americans support securing our borders and 63 percent support a pathway to citizenship for individuals who are presently residents (according to a poll by Forward.US). These numbers indicate an overwhelming majority for both goals, as well as others like a guest worker program that would have huge benefits for Washington’s important high-tech and agricultural sectors.

Our government already spends tax dollars educating children brought to the U.S. without documents. It is time to develop a way to legal status or citizenship for the betterment of our society and economy.

Too much is at stake for our economic future and job growth to not act. The federal government needs to support employers by creating access to the labor they need, helping to propel our economy, and the potential for more growth.

Members of Congress who have failed to support meaningful immigration reform and would rather play partisan politics are harming our interests. Creating a consistent path to citizenship is the right thing to do and it is time for our representatives to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform now.

For more on this topic, see Washington Dream Act Coalition and