Irreverent Senior Moments, with Gary Kanter and the Seattle Raging Grannies, Saturday 7:30PM


If you have not seen the Seattle Raging Grannies, you have missed a remarkable experience. If you like your political recipe spicy, with a lefty twist…and sprinkled with humor…these ladies are for you.

Disclaimer! Some right-wing diners have experienced severe acid reflux and incontinence, disconcertion, distress, and discomfort. If you experience a dejection lasting longer than three election cycles…take two aspirin and call Rachel Maddow in the morning.

Saturday March 9, 2013,  7:30PM – 9:30PM
Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe
8310 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle, Washington 98103

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Pee and politics

Raw Story reports:

Emmy Award-winning The Mary Tyler Show actor Ed Asner recently asked a Fox News producer if he could “piss on” him after he was confronted about a California Federation of Teachers video that showed cartoon rich people urinating on poor people.

Fox News host Sean Hannity and other conservative pundits first began attacking Asner on Tuesday after the animated ad that he narrated appeared on the federation’s website to explain how rich people used tax evasion, tax loopholes and tax cuts to become even richer.

(See Ed Asner offers to ‘piss on’ Fox News producer to demonstrate trickle-down economics.)

Here’s the hard-hitting California Federation of Teachers video.   It exposes the class warfare the rich waged against the rest of us.

That story impels me to resurrect this crude animation:

Grover Norquist explains trickle down (crude):

(watch on YouTube)

Legitimate Rape, sung by the Renegade Raging Grannies

From Raging Grannies Songs

  • Author: Vicki Ryder
  • Tune: “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”

“Legitimate rape” is great birth control.
So says Todd Akin, and he oughta know.
If we are raped we can rest unafraid,
‘Cause we can’t get pregnant if forcibly laid.

Our female bodies are clever that way,
We only get pregnant when we say “okay.”
Doctors have told him, so it must be so,
The stork only comes if we don’t say “No!”

Rape won’t make babies and that is a fact;
There’s no global warming; the Earth’s really flat.
We heard it on FOX News so it must be true.
Well, Mr. Akin, we say “FUCK YOU!”