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Opportunity Knocks

Much is made of the principle that all of us should have an equal opportunity  to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare, Education, and so on (FCSHE+). That it is wrong to discriminate based on one’s color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc., should be obvious to anyone capable of forming thoughts. Yet, in the US […]

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Sickening: Why Walt Disney World and Olive Garden are exactly the wrong places to take your family

Walt Disney World and Darden Restaurants (which owns restaurant chains like Olive Garden and Red Lobster) both have happy-looking public faces regarding the health of the people they employ. But behind the scenes, they’re doing everything they can to deny people working in Florida the right to earn basic benefits like paid sick days on […]

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Light Brigade action in Seattle Wednesday 5:30PM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OLB-Take Action for Seattle Families Facing Foreclosure Easy Involvement with a Big Impact! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Do You Believe Housing Is A Human Right? – Take Action in Solidarity with SAFE! Overpass Light Brigade ramping-up local Seattle organizing by SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) and the 11-city launch of the “Housing For All” National […]

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Thoughts on banks

Lanny A. Breuer is head of the US Justice Department’s criminal division. If any of you saw the Jan. 22, Frontline television show called “The Untouchables,” Mr. Breuer was the impeccably dressed fellow who kept trying to explain how complicated it is to criminally prosecute CEO’s and members of the boards of the big Wall […]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction – Freedom of the Press? US Activists and Journalists Face Surveillance

By Mark Taylor-Canfield (From Mark’s  Syndicated Monthly Column – “Weapons of Mass Distraction”) Thank you to the editors for allowing me to tell the truth without censorship! Here’s another of my honest efforts to do just that. I only hope this piece doesn’t get me into trouble with my own publishers at other websites and/or […]

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SAFE newsletter

Upcoming Actions: Friday January 11th – Success! Auction Disruption for Maleah Jacobs has been canceled because SAFE got her in touch with Homesight and they contacted the bank and had her home pulled from auction. Wednesday January 16th – Mass Mailing, we’re looking for volunteers to help stuff envelopes. Show up at the SAFE House […]

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Overturn Citizens United: Get corporate money out of politics

Click here to sign a petition ask the WA State legislature to help overturn the Supreme Court Citizens United equating money with speech and treating corporations as persons. Get the Washington State Legislature to pass a resolution during the 2013 session calling on the U.S. Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that in effect reverses […]

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The Origins of SAFE: January to December 2012, and Actions

In the waning months of 2011 after the police systematically cleared out Occupy Wall Street encampments across the US and Canada, it was obvious to many activists that the foreclosure crisis and the economic system that engendered it should be the prime target of our attention. Several Occupy Seattle members met in the early months […]