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Opportunity Knocks

Much is made of the principle that all of us should have an equal opportunity  to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare, Education, and so on (FCSHE+). That it is wrong to discriminate based on one’s color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc., should be obvious to anyone capable of forming thoughts. Yet, in the US […]

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Exposing the sociopathic mercilessness of the banks

EXPOSÉ When we started Jeremy Griffin’s eviction campaign at his South Park home, it seemed only reasonable to discuss our concerns with James Gorman, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley. When Mr. Gorman’s staff learned we were sullying their good name in the streets of Seattle, they called Jeremy to assure him that they in […]

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Wealth Inequality

The three richest people in the world possess more wealth than the poorest 42 nations combined. In the US, wealth inequality has skyrocketed, especially since the start of the Great Recession. Consider the Koch brothers Charles and David, owners of the second largest privately held company in the US (next to Cargill), whose financing of […]

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J.P. Morgan versus Jeremy Griffin

(Comment by Stephen, SAFE volunteer) The Consummate American Capitalist John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan was the founder of the Wall Street commercial/investment bank J.P. Morgan Co., known a century ago as the “House of Morgan.” He had his hand in the birth of General Electric, US Steel, International Harvester, AT&T, and the entire US railroad industry. […]

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Learning How To Belly Tranche

“JP Morgan is one of the best-managed banks there is….” — President Barack Obama, May 14, 2012 Within the rarefied echelons of finance capital dwell civilization’s most brilliant minds: men and women of such profound intellect that those of us who reside at their feet are left to envy their genius. O, what wondrous thoughts […]

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Light Brigade action in Seattle Wednesday 5:30PM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OLB-Take Action for Seattle Families Facing Foreclosure Easy Involvement with a Big Impact! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Do You Believe Housing Is A Human Right? – Take Action in Solidarity with SAFE! Overpass Light Brigade ramping-up local Seattle organizing by SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) and the 11-city launch of the “Housing For All” National […]

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Thoughts on banks

Lanny A. Breuer is head of the US Justice Department’s criminal division. If any of you saw the Jan. 22, Frontline television show called “The Untouchables,” Mr. Breuer was the impeccably dressed fellow who kept trying to explain how complicated it is to criminally prosecute CEO’s and members of the boards of the big Wall […]

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Value of Community

The term community has two distinct commutative meanings: 1) Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a small village that shares common values. The term can also refer to the national community or international community, and 2) in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment. In […]

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Senate Bill (SB-5062) aimed at Criminalizing Squatting in Foreclosed Homes

ACTION REQUIRED BY THE PEOPLE Senate Bill (SB-5062) aimed at Criminalizing Squatting in Foreclosed Homes The digest of this bill reads: “SB 5062 zz- DIGEST Clarifies the law to provide additional tools to courts, law enforcement, and communities to deal with the threat that squatters pose on foreclosed property. Provides that a person is guilty […]

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SAFE newsletter

Upcoming Actions: Friday January 11th – Success! Auction Disruption for Maleah Jacobs has been canceled because SAFE got her in touch with Homesight and they contacted the bank and had her home pulled from auction. Wednesday January 16th – Mass Mailing, we’re looking for volunteers to help stuff envelopes. Show up at the SAFE House […]