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Is the 2016 Washington State Legislature the Most Corrupt Legislature in History?

When one uses the term “corruption” one is likely to think of big states like Texas or Florida or Illinois with all of their bribery and kickback schemes. In this article, we will provide a few examples of why the Washington state legislature may be not only one of the most corrupt legislatures in the […]

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SAFE actions and events

6:30PM, Tuesday April 22nd – SAFE’s weekly meeting. Food will be served. Where: The SAFE House, Bethany UCC, 6230 Beacon Ave S (corner of Graham St), Seattle WA 98108 map   4:30PM-6PM, Friday April 18th – Protest Bank of America in Columbia City. This will be SAFE’s fifteenth action at this location and this week will be a […]

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SAFE: Join the Resistance

Join the Resistance By Joshua Farris The system is so crazy that people who want to pay to stay in their homes are displaced by banks that took billions in bail-outs from the tax payers. Aren’t people too big to fail? Forget about the big question of when our bail-out is coming. Just leave us […]

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SAFE's significant strides

In the past three months SAFE has made significant strides. We’ve engaged in our first eviction blockade. In early May the King County Sheriff posted an eviction notice at the home of SAFE member Jeremy Griffin, and dozens of supporters set up tents in Jeremy’s yard conducting a round-the-clock vigil. At a SAFE press conference […]

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Beat back the bank attack!

S.A.F.E. (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction) in Seattle successfully stopped a impending eviction by mobilizing the community to support one-another and stand-up to intimidation by corrupt banks. Visit Amplify your Activism by visiting find us on FB at… SAFE formed from an Occupy offshoot after a Eviction Protection weekend training with Backbone […]

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Wells Fargo, you can't hide. Everyone can see your greedy side!

Five members of SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) were arrested Tuesday at a downtown Seattle branch of Wells Fargo as they protested the imminent eviction of Jeremy Griffin from his South Park home. While sitting in the bank’s lobby, the five chanted “We Shall Not Be Moved” and read a letter from Mr. Griffin […]

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Opportunity Knocks

Much is made of the principle that all of us should have an equal opportunity  to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare, Education, and so on (FCSHE+). That it is wrong to discriminate based on one’s color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc., should be obvious to anyone capable of forming thoughts. Yet, in the US […]

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Wealth Inequality

The three richest people in the world possess more wealth than the poorest 42 nations combined. In the US, wealth inequality has skyrocketed, especially since the start of the Great Recession. Consider the Koch brothers Charles and David, owners of the second largest privately held company in the US (next to Cargill), whose financing of […]

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The Revolving Door

Growing up, many of us learned our country has three branches of government, with checks and balances to make sure nothing ever goes wrong. We also believed that by removing his glasses no one would realize Clark Kent was actually Superman. As we aged, we discovered that checks and balances have less to do with […]

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Lobbying versus Direct Action

Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, the largest in US history, on Sept. 15, 2008. Days later as world capitalism continued convulsing, George W. Bush, looking dazed and bewildered as if he’d just finished a test in quantum mechanics despite never having mastered his multiplication tables, declared in his inimitable eloquence, “This sucker could go down.” Since […]