We're coming to get your guns, imbeciles!

Actually, we’re not coming to get your guns, unless you have something like an assault weapon. We just want to make it harder for dangerous people to massacre innocents, and that just requires some reasonable background checks on buyers and limits on the types of guns that are available.

People say that gun control wouldn’t stop criminals from getting guns or from killing with other weapons. Well, it wouldn’t stop all of them. But it would make it harder for crazy people, and people with criminal records, to commit crimes of passion.  The aim is to make massacres harder and rarer; there’s no practical way to make them impossible.

NRA drips blood

James Holmes thanks the NRA for making it easy to kill

Is is exploitation to raise the issue of gun control?

If ammunition were regulated like Sudafed

Mayor Bloomberg: now is the time to stop guns

Robert Reich: take on the NRA. There an assault rifle was recovered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The 2nd Amendment was never intended to permit mass slaughter

What on earth do you need an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine for? Hunting?

See Yes, NRA Member, You DO Have the Blood of 20 Children on Your Hands.
Who needs assault weapons?

US gun death stats

If guns were as regulated as cars

Gun deaths much higher than deaths from war and terrorism

Gun deaths much higher than deaths from war and terrorism

Easier to get guns than to get sudafed

Put a teacher in every gun store

La Pierre, NRA chief, is a lobbyist for gun manufacturers

“Cars don’t kill, people do. So there’s no need to regulate car use by requiring driver licenses or by restricting the kinds of cars people can drive.”

Alan Winter: “Plane crashes don’t kill, pilots do [so don’t regulate planes]. The wrong drugs don’t kill, pharmacists do [so don’t prohibit drugs].

Meanwhile, in much of the country I can still be sent to prison for years for a joint, thanks to ‘control’ of a thing that doesn’t kill anybody.”

Todd Bridges: “Surgical procedures don’t kill, people do. So I don’t need to go to medical school or get certified to open up my drive thru brain surgery business”.

As conservative commentator Gary Wills says, “We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him.”

Chick-fil-A unveils Bigot Burger

Chick-fil-A finds bigotry a tasty addition to their menu.

In the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it became abundantly clear that the right-wing culture of fear and anger received its talking-point ammo and lockstep marching orders from the National Rifle Association and draft-dodging, flag-waving Republican chicken-hawks.

Now Chick-fil-A has joined the ranks of fearmongers and demonizers, with President Dan Cathy (which would make a great name for an LGBT rock band, mind you) expressing his distaste for same-sex marriage.

Why are all these chickens crossing the political road? To try to make a u-turn. Back to the days when it was perfectly fine to discriminate against folks who don’t look like us, think like us, or love the way we think they should. Which is apparently one white man and one white woman. Preferably in the missionary position. Amen.

Now maybe, just maybe, Mr. Cathy does not subscribe to the Tea Party screed that President Obama is a Kenyan. And a Muslim. And a Socialist. And a Nazi. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Cathy doesn’t believe the right-wing talk radio lie that undocumented immigrants are the greatest threat to our economy and national security since Pearl Harbor. Or 9/11. Or Islamo-terrorists. Or the very first Japanese transistor radio. But, given that Mr. Cathy shares the fundamentalist right-wing hatred of The Other, it’s a safe bet he believes all of the above.

Listen: Mr. Cathy has every right to express his opinion on gay marriage. And we liberals have every right to call him out for that opinion.

Mr. Cathy, you walk like a chicken, peck like a chicken, and talk like a bigot.

Mr. Cathy, you are a bigot. And fair-minded Americans ought not patronize your Chick-fil-A establishments anymore. Period.

We’ve fought your back-of-the-bus, separate-but-unequal kind before, Mr. Cathy, and beat you like a chicken-fried steak. Civil rights will win again.

Oh, one more thing. Here in Washington State, we’re promoting marriage equality through organizations like Washington United for Marriage and ballot measures like Referendum 74.

And, no, Mr. Cathy, I don’t want Waffle Fries with your Bigot Burger.

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Chicken-Hawks, NRA, drive GOP agenda of fear, anger

Does the Second Amendment guarantee our right to kill? GOP plays on fear disguised as freedom.
Does the Second Amendment guarantee our right to kill? GOP plays on fear disguised as freedom.

At least a dozen people shot dead in the Colorado slaughter, and the RepubliCorp Party remains eerily silent on the issue of gun violence in America.

Worse yet, most Republican lawmakers continue to kowtow to the National Rifle Association’s greedy screed of guns for all and all for guns.

Even worser (which ought to be deemed a genuine word given this grisly context), many armchair vigilantes on the Far Right grouse that the abattoir in Aurora could’ve been avoided if only the audience had been scattered with gun-totin’ good ol’ boys who’da brung down that crazy sumbitch with their own god-fearin’ firearms. Apparently terms like “innocent bystanders” and “collateral damage” are foreign to these “Second Amendment” whack-doodles. Too many syllables, most likely.

The gun-rights gang is the self-same gaggle of Tea Party pseudo-patriot know-nothings who constantly vote against their own best interests, idolize the rich, and despise the poor. Even though they themselves are often one paycheck, government/military pension deposit, or Social Security check away from joining the hated “poor.”

Why the lust for violence? Why the hatred of misfortune?

Because 21st century Republicans, like 20th century National Socialists, are the Party of Fear. In danger of being outnumbered by the combined demographic of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, and (gasp!) non-Christians, old white guys (and the good ol’ gals who worship them) fearfully rally behind a Confederacy of Anglo-Saxon Idiocy, listening to and watching only the bombastic propaganda and outright lies of right-wing talk radio and Fox “News.”

And angrily casting ballots for cowardly draft-dodging chicken-hawks who ran away when their country called them to serve but eagerly wrap themselves in the American flag when it comes time to send other people’s children to war. After all, these Republican chicken-hawks have to serve their true masters. Like oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies.

And the National Rifle Association.

As far as the RepubliCorp Party is concerned, the more guns the merrier. Keep us angry, afraid, and armed to the teeth. And, oh by the way, keep Those Other People from voting.

Remember that next time you cast a ballot.

Or go to a movie.

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