Armed guards in schools?

The answer to gun violence is more guns? Columbine High School Had Armed Guards During Massacre In 1999. As others have said, how odd that so-called conservatives are calling for more government policemen.

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We're coming to get your guns, imbeciles!

Actually, we’re not coming to get your guns, unless you have something like an assault weapon. We just want to make it harder for dangerous people to massacre innocents, and that just requires some reasonable background checks on buyers and limits on the types of guns that are available. People say that gun control wouldn’t […]

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Chick-fil-A unveils Bigot Burger

In the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it became abundantly clear that the right-wing culture of fear and anger received its talking-point ammo and lockstep marching orders from the National Rifle Association and draft-dodging, flag-waving Republican chicken-hawks. Now Chick-fil-A has joined the ranks of fearmongers and demonizers, with President Dan Cathy (which […]

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Chicken-Hawks, NRA, drive GOP agenda of fear, anger

Does the Second Amendment guarantee our right to kill? GOP plays on fear disguised as freedom. Image credit: At least a dozen people shot dead in the Colorado slaughter, and the RepubliCorp Party remains eerily silent on the issue of gun violence in America. Worse yet, most Republican lawmakers continue to kowtow to the […]


Bloomberg On Gun Control: Police Should Strike Until Government Acts On Gun Violence

Bloomberg On Gun Control: Police Should Strike Until Government Acts On Gun Violence (VIDEO) Also: Seventy-five percent of NRA members believe that concealed carry permits should be granted only to those applicants who have not committed any violent misdemeanors. GOP-Backed Study Shows Broad Support For Gun Control