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Common sense on guns

From Callista Kline: My brother’s response to my mom’s email about the recent shooting. I want to share, particularly because of the way he explains things. As a veteran and a gun owner, he knows much more about guns than I do. Hopefully his arguments and information can help any of my friends trying to […]

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No Guns Allowed at GOP Convention

“Libtard policies” put good guys—stripped of their guns–at risk. If the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun—or better yet, lots of good guys with guns—then it goes without saying that the contentious GOP convention should be prickling with weapons: rock hard glocks, pen-sized […]

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Bundy, Sterling: GOP dream ticket for 2016

Photo by George Frey The radical right here in America now boasts two fresh heroes: Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. With their eager penchant for plainspoken hypocrisy and outright bigotry, they ought to be a swell choice for the Tea Party/Republican presidential nomination come 2016. First, good old boy Cliven Bundy rode heroically onto the […]

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The party of dumb

The LA Times is reporting that, despite the overwhelming majority of the public who support tightening gun laws, the failure of Congress to pass gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook may, paradoxically help Republicans in future elections, because gun right supporters are more passionate about the issue. “Those who said they felt “very […]

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More on guns

The Hitler gun control lie: Gun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong As it turns out, the Weimar Republic, the German government that immediately preceded Hitler’s, actually had tougher gun laws than the Nazi regime. … The 1938 law signed by Hitler that LaPierre […]

Gun Control

US House wants laxer gun laws

Mayors against Illegal Guns is reporting: Before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman had been arrested for assaulting a police officer and subject to a court order for domestic violence. But thanks to Florida’s lax gun standards, he was still able to get a permit to carry a concealed, loaded handgun. Now, the […]

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Scouring the News for Signs of Intelligent Life

Lots of coverage of the republican primaries out there. Few signs of intelligent life in that pile of smoking offal. Going to move on. There must be more important stuff going on. Oh, here we go: Chris Hedges has a good piece in Truth Dig about the NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act – and […]