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Will Wikileaks help the Republicans and the military-industrial complex?

It will be ironic if Wikileaks — which was supposed to expose and undercut the power of the military-industrial complex — helps Republicans win the 2016 election. The revelations about the DNC, about Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, and about private emails may flip the election to Trump. At the very least, the revelations will harm […]

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The Republican scam, and the Democrats' unwillingness to oppose it

Last night I was listening to AM talk radio, and a Republican candidate was promoting the following conservative narrative: “Yes, there is terrible wealth inequality, and it’s due to government waste, corruption and regulations. We need to slash taxes and get rid of regulations so that the middle class can have jobs and thrive.  Government […]

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Republican Talking Heads Claim Talk has no Power to Influence Beliefs and Behavior

Who incited Christian terrorism?  Not me.  Couldn’t be. In what could be the greatest hypocrisy in a season of head-spinners, Christianist Republicans—from presidential candidates to congressmen to Fox News bimbos to sleazy video-splicers and wild-eyed sidewalk ranters-with-rosaries—are scrambling to deny that what they say actually matters. Specifically they claim that they had nothing to do with a […]

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Obama saved the economy — and the GOP

Obama gave a priceless gift to the GOP: immunity from prosecution for war crimes, torture,  disastrous wars, politically motivated prosecutions by the Justice Department, widespread corruption, and other criminality. In 2008, it appeared that the GOP was destined for many years of repudiation. They’d proven themselves corrupt, incompetent, and imperialistic. But Obama nursed the GOP […]

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European Socialist Germany kicks US ass

From a comment on huff post: Larry K. (elfish) Political Pundit · 5,047 Fans Funny: Germany is one of those European-Style Socialist countries that the Republicans are always warning us about. Germany’s population is one quarter the US, yet they have a more productive economy, they export more goods, their citizens don’t work as hard, […]

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Cathy McMorris Rodgers lied about her upbringing

Cathy McMorris Rodgers sure gave a feel-good speech in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. But it turns out she lied about her upbringing. As HuffPost is reporting in Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood, Rogers said in her speech I grew up working at my family’s orchard and fruit stand in Kettle Falls, a […]

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Rep, McMorris Rodgers' dishonest claim about Obamacare

Washington State Congresswoman Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers claimed that her constituent Bette faced a $700-a-month premium hike after her policy was canceled. But Paul Krugman points out: Bette’s tale had policy wonks scratching their heads; it was hard to see, given what we know about premiums and how the health law works, how anyone could face […]

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Arguing with conservatives about fair taxes

Some conservative-leaning coworkers were saying yesterday that the problem with America is that 47% of people don’t pay taxes. Echoing Mitt Romney, my coworkers said democracy leads to a situation in which people vote for candidates who promise them public money. I replied: I agree we have too much socialism and redistribution of wealth: socialism […]