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People are too nice

The LA Times is reporting today: Air pollution causes lung cancer, World Health Organization says. Not much of a surprise there. It’s been known for years that people who live near major freeways have reduced lung capacity and suffer various ailments. I commute every day by bike and bus. While waiting for the bus and […]

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Senior Republican economist calls for a Carbon Tax

Nicholas Gregory Mankiw was “chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush. In 2006, he became an economic adviser to Mitt Romney and continued during Romney’s 2012 presidential bid.” (source: wikipedia) In an opinion piece in the New York Times, Mankiw , who is Chair of the Economics Department at Harvard […]

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Anger over proposed coal trains unites coastal communities

“I’m not any kind of professional organizer,” says anti-coal train activist Lynne Oulman, “but I just got so angry about what was about to happen here.” Related topics Government Topics In Lynne’s case, “here” means Bellingham, Wash. But cities and towns all along the Pacific Northwest coast have united to oppose proposed deep-water ports, shipping […]

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Call state senators to pass community solar!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Community Solar w/10 Yr. Rolling Incentive Passed House! Call Now to Help It Survive Committee & Get Through the Senate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE Call Senate Energy Committee Chair & Members TODAY & TONIGHT. Ask them to “Stand up for public benefit renewable energy (community solar) and clean energy jobs. New energy production facilities depends upon […]

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Paul Cienfuegos on Community Rights Ordinances

Five minutes and 20 seconds. Grab a cup of coffee and give Paul a listen. Paul and I agree on a lot of things, but we both start from the point that single issue activism is not going to get the work done. Paul is a Evergreen State College (TESC) alum, here is Paul’s website. […]

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ALERT! Millionaire or Community Solar?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALERT! Millionaire Community Solar? Call TODAY to Save Community Solar in Washington State, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Millionaire Community Solar? Community Solar in Washington State will either be saved or killed this legislative session in Washington State. Your tax dollars will continue to feed the incentive program, but instead of providing incentives for renewable energy for […]