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Free Speech Battle Over Protests Looming at Seattle Colleges

A major battle over free speech is being waged on local college campuses in Seattle. The Seattle Community College District Board of Trustees wants to revise the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for Seattle colleges. The district is proposing new rules that would regulate protests on all three of the city’s state funded community college campuses. […]

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Convince swing voters that GOP rhetoric about "opportunity" and low taxes is b.s.

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting, in Buffett Rule: Could it backfire on Democrats?, “Democrats are campaigning for the Buffett Rule, which would ensure millionaires pay federal taxes at a higher tax rate. But polls show ‘fairness’ doesn’t motivate key independent voters.” Among voters without a strongly held opinion of either Mr. Romney or Obama, 80 […]

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Send a NO CUTS message to WA Senate Ways & Means

The Washington state legislature is still engrossed in a special Session.  The House passed a budget yesterday that avoided major cuts to education, but kept the new proposed accounting system for sales-tax receipts collected on behalf of cities, counties and other local governments. This keeps sales tax money in state’s general fund longer for other spending […]

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The narrowing of American opportunity

The drumbeat for economic advancement is filled with warnings that our kids must get a college education to get ahead. So it’s instructive to see where those college educations can lead. Take my friend’s son Dale, for example. He’s 28, with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Washington. He is highly skilled […]

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Ellen Brown on how banks rip off municipalities via interest rate swaps

Excerpts from Ellen Brown’s WALL STREET CONFIDENCE TRICK: How “Interest Rate Swaps” Are Bankrupting Local Governments:  It was a deliberate, manipulated move by the Fed, acting to save the banks from their own folly in precipitating the credit crisis of 2008.  The banks got in trouble, and the Federal Reserve and federal government rushed in to bail […]

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Vanguard founder and former CEO on the 99.9% versus the 0.1%

Vanguard founder and former CEO  John Bogle says: “We have one hell of a problem in this country, and it is not badly articulated by talking about the 99 percent and the 1 percent, although if you wanted to split hairs, we’d be talking about the 99.9 percent and the 0.1 percent.” “Only one-half of […]