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An easy, money-saving way to stop crime

You are already paying for addicts’ drug habits. Why not treat addiction in a more humane way that reduces crime, defunds drug gangs, better helps the addicts, and saves society money? Lots of people complain about crime, especially property crime. People complain especially on websites such as nextdoor. Likewise, many newspapers and TV news shows […]

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Wouldn’t it be cheaper for society to make heroin legal and safe?

It costs about $38,000 a year to incarcerate a person for one year in Washington State (FY2019 Cost per Incarcerated Individual per Day — All Facility Costs). According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, The substantial prison population in the United States is strongly connected to drug-related offenses. While the exact rates of inmates […]

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The non sequitur in Seattle is Dying

The KOMO documentary Seattle is Dying is a powerful  and angry film, denouncing the city council and courts for allowing homeless camps, tents, filth, and crime to fester. It depicts the low-functioning homeless who are drug addicted, mentally ill, and/or criminal. It condemns the inability or unwillingness of the police, courts, and city council to […]

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Ending the War on Drugs: a talk with Inspire Seattle

InspireSeattle invites YOU to join us at our Social Forum: Saturday, April 25th at 6:30PM. Main discussion topic for this evening: Ending the War on Drugs For four decades the US has fueled its policy of a “war on drugs” with over a trillion tax dollars and increasingly punitive policies. More than 39 million arrests […]

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Christopher Kennedy Lawford: the pain of addiction, the hope of recovery

Credits: As a thirteen-year-old with great expectations, he aspired to follow the life trajectory of his uncle: attend and excel at a prestigious university; engage in a distinguished military career; publish an award-winning book at a relatively young age; pursue a successful path in politics; and, naturally, become President of the United States. If […]

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WA legislators propose standardized tax rates for all marijuana

Two House Democrats introduced legislation today that would standardize tax rates for all sales of marijuana. Sponsored by Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48) and House Finance Committee Chair Reuven Carlyle (D-36), HB 1789 would create a consistent regulatory scheme for marijuana transactions. “A responsible regulatory system requires that we have consistent, transparent oversight […]

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The ugly origin of the war on drugs

After serving his time federal prison, John Ehrlichman granted an interview to author Dan Baum, who reports that Ehrlichman explained the origin of the war on drugs this way: The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar Left, and black people. You understand what I’m saying? […]

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Scouring the News for Signs of Intelligent Life

Lots of coverage of the republican primaries out there. Few signs of intelligent life in that pile of smoking offal. Going to move on. There must be more important stuff going on. Oh, here we go: Chris Hedges has a good piece in Truth Dig about the NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act – and […]