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More AI-generated images about Donald Trump

As a follow-up to AI-generated images making fun of Donald Trump, here are some more images about Donald Trump, generated with help from the AI image-generation program Donald Trump giving birth to a demon: Donald Trump in a high chair: Donald Trump as Jabba the Hut: Donald Trump in a diaper: Donald Trump with […]

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Republican states have higher rates of teen births, gun deaths, suicides, poverty, crime, and divorce; and they die younger and are less educated

Using data from reliable public sources listed below, I plotted charts showing the relation between the percent of voters that voted for Donald Trump in 2020 in each state and various per capita rates:  gun deaths, poverty, teen births, suicide, crime, divorce, several sexually transmitted diseases, longevity, and education. The results show that states that […]

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AI-generated images making fun of Donald Trump

Using, a Deep Learning-based AI system that generates realistic images based on text prompts, I created the following images of Donald Trump. Some are quite clever. Some are grotesque. The AI technology is scary smart. See here for some of the images it generated (most by me, a few by others). Donald Trump in […]

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Can non-violent protest and civil disobedience achieve justice in this era?

The antifa and BLM protests over the last several years were overwhelmingly peaceful. Nonetheless, right-wing media were able to convince tens of millions of Americans that antifa and BLM are violent, radical movements. Right wing media exaggerated the few instances of violence that did occur, and many of those incidents were the result of provocations […]

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Can a moderate left coalition stop Republican extremism?

In an essay Are We Doomed? from The Atlantic in January of 2022, George Packer warned of the dangers to our democracy from Republican extremism, in particular with regards to elections.  His prescription for stopping Republican extremism is that a coalition of Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans should overlook minor areas of disagreement.  He says […]

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Sam Harris’s false equivalence

In this podcast from Jan 9, 2020, Sam Harris criticizes both Trump supporters and BLM protesters and says both hold “grotesque” views. He spends the first half of the podcast denouncing the extremism and unreasonableness of Trump and his supporters, in particular with regards to the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capital building. In the […]

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NY Times quotes commentators on the election

“The vote-counting happening now is…. exactly what we knew and reported would happen. This is legitimate vote-counting, of ballots that were returned before or on Election Day.” — Scott Detrow, NPR “This is an extremely flammable situation and the president just threw a match into it,” Chris Wallace said on Fox News, after Trump’s remarks. […]

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Dr. Stephen Kotkin on Trump

I invite you to read this excerpt from a lecture by Dr. Stephen Kotkin, a professor in history and international affairs at Princeton University, called Sphere of Influence I: The Gift of Geopolitics. He describes Donald Trump’s destructive influence on the United States. He says: In the fantasy of The United States’ opponents, about the […]

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Pastor Leslie Braxton’s denunciation of Trump and his supporters

When a nation elects a man as manifestly depraved and ill suited to be president as Donald Trump it is evident of a deep moral and spiritual sickness throughout that nation. Trump did not seize the presidency by force. He did not storm the nation’s capital with a military host. No, 63+ million Americans walked […]