Why we should vote for Hillary in 2016

Someone on another site said he doesn’t know any liberals who WANT to vote for Hillary in 2016 other than the fact that she’s less objectionable to any Republican candidate.I am a liberal, and I will happily pull the lever voting for Hillary in 2016. And I’ll tell you why.

Because she is a woman, and its time we had a female President. Full stop.

Because she is tough and I can’t see Republicans walking all over her like they have Obama for the past six years.

Because I personally like her.

And because she drives Republicans insane. They won’t be able to control themselves, they will go full misogyny. And they will turn off every female voter with half a functioning brain cell, much as they have done so with Hispanics and African-Americans by going full racist the last 6 years. And womenfolk are 51% of the electorate. Republicans will merely engineer their own defeat a decade earlier than they would have.

There are between six and fourteen vulnerable Republican Senators up for re-election in 2016. We need a Democratic wave election to wipe out as many of them as possible. Hillary is beloved by a large swath of the country and really is the only candidate who could create a wave election.

Although a lot of liberals will only vote for her while holding their nose, we all will do so (much as the Republicans voted for Romney) because the alternative of having a Republican appoint additional Scalitos to the Supreme Court is far, far worse.

Yes, if Warren or Sanders had a reasonable shot, I guess they’d be my preferred candidates, but every poll I have seen has them both losing to Generic Republican, while Hillary is able to defeat most Republicans in places like Georgia and Arizona. Neither Warren or Sanders stands a chance in a general election, and I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is right now until the country changes demographically.

When you sacrifice pragmatism (picking the candidate who will most likely win) in favor of ideology (picking the most ideologically pure candidate no matter what), you are going to end up like the Tea Party. Go look at the times that an ideologically pure candidate won their party’s nomination in 1964 and 1972 and 1984. The results have not been pretty. Romney managed to get enough moderates to vote for him in 2012 so that historically he will look like a credible candidate, but imagine if the GOP decided to go full ideology and nominate Santorum. Polls show that Santorum would have lost to Obama by around 10 to 13 points. Romney actually lost by 4. Santorum, had he only lost by 10 would have lost Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska CD2, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In real life, Obama won 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206. A Santorum “pure ideological” campaign would result in an Electoral Vote count of 411 Obama to 127 Santorum.

When people on here and elsewhere state they want Warren or Sanders to run, they don’t understand how politics and voting works in this country right now. They are unwittingly saying “I want to lose the 2016 election so I can vote for my preferred candidate”, because that’s how winner-take-all elections work. I know this sucks, but you have to vote strategically or your vote ends up being irrelevant and your preferred “perfect” candidate loses.

Now, I’ve presented this argument to the ideologically faithful, especially those that profess to habitually vote third party, and they have always come back with some statement to the effect that if you let Republicans run the government, they will do such a poor job that their preferred candidate or party will win next time. That also is short-sighted and fundamentally wrong. People said that in 1980 when Reagan ran and look what happened. For the next 30 years we’ve had to deal with the mess he created. People said that in 2000 when Bush Jr ran and look what happened. We’re probably going to have to deal with a destablized Middle East for the next 20 years, not to mention the death toll of 9/11, two wars, and 18,000 plus Americans dying every year from lack of health insurance.

On top of the sheer death toll resulting from an incompetent presidency, the ideologically pure don’t understand that just because one party fails does not mean that the extreme of the other party (or a third party) is going to be embraced by the electorate. The voters by and large will vote for the least extreme candidate of the other party, even after a disastrous presidency. Dennis Kucinich was not going to win against McCain in 2008, sorry. Again, we are dealing with ideologues who believe the country to be they way they want it to be, and don’t understand that their belief does not equate with reality.

On its current trajectory, the Republican party will commit demographic suicide somewhere around 2024. It is vital that Democrats keep control of the White House until then. Hillary is the most likely candidate to be able to accomplish that. The country IS changing to accept the vision of men and women like Sanders and Warren, but it isn’t there yet. We have to run a candidate acceptable to the majority of the overall electorate until such a time that someone ideologically to the left of Hillary can actually win a national election.

I know this point of view probably isn’t popular, but it is reality, and life isn’t always fair. In politics, you don’t always get 100% of what you want. You are going to have to hold your nose and vote for Hillary (or happily vote for her like I will) in order to win elections and keep the country from going into the toilet. Or you can ignore my advice and vote for Sanders or Warren, who weaken Hillary (or drive her ideologically leftward, which is the same result) and let the Republicans win in the general election. Or vote third party and let the Republicans win in the general election.

Vote strategically, not ideologically.

Dennis Kucinich Peace Forum in Seattle and Bellevue, Oct 16

5:30pm to 8 pm at UW Kane Hall in Seattle
7 to 9 pm at Bellevue College Theater

To attend, RSVP at our website, CoalitionForPeaceNow.org.

Friends, Are you tired of endless wars and immoral bombing of innocent women and children? Join us to hear the national leader of the Peace Movement and winner of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize, Dennis Kucinich on October 16th and together we can stop these wars! Please share this event with anyone you know who wants peace and prosperity rather than war and austerity.

RSVP at our website, CoalitionForPeaceNow.org.

See also https://www.facebook.com/events/916816821665261/.

All our reps but McDermott voted to fund the Syrian rebels

Reps DelBene, Kilmer, Larsen, Heck and Smith voted Yea on the McKeon Amendment that funds the arming of Syrian rebels. “The amendment would authorize the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition and other appropriately vetted Syrian groups or individuals.” (source). Only Rep. McDermott voted Nay.    All Washington State’s Republican reps voted Yea as well.

Sounds like another dangerous waste of money.

Progressives are generally opposing the war-mongering. Dennis Kucinich gives 8 Reasons Why Congress Should Vote No on Training and Funding Syrian Rebels.  Also: PDA’s statement against the war.

Please phone our Senators and ask them to reject funding for the Syrian rebels: Murray [ 202-224-2621, (206) 553-5545] and Cantwell [ 202-224-3441 (206) 220-6400]

Rep. Jim McDermott on Pres. Obama’s strategy.

Climate Congress 2014 – The Contract with Climate

The election season is in full hysterical mode. The dems are beating on progressives who are fleeing to Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson, the repubs are beating on the dems with all the corporate money and psycho-linguistic technology they can muster and behind the scenes somewhere we have a bunch of faceless (poor things, they don’t have faces) IT folks who are gearing up to do whatever they are supposed to do with the vote-counting technology to tabulate votes on November 6th.

Michael Connell will not be available to help with the information technology tasks in this election cycle. His private plane crashed and he was killed before he was available to testify about the 2004 Ohio vote-counting, “man in the middle” controversy.

There is lots to worry about in this election cycle even with the tragedy of Michael Connell’s death in 2008. But let’s get real, this election is in the can. Yes, we should all work on getting out the votes for progressive candidates, for local initiatives that might produce change, but the change is not coming by defeating Romney, the change is not coming in this election cycle.

Our best progressive shot happens with the mid term election of 2014. I believe we have three primary branches of govt here in the US of A. The judicial is captured by 4 solidly corporate, reactionary justices, with a conservative swing vote held by Anthony Kennedy. The remaining justices are solidly liberal, but are aging and out-numbered 5 to 4. This is the 5 to 4 court, not the Roberts Court. And it will be the 5 to 4 Court for a very long time. Right wingers do not have to control the Senate to keep a Dem president from appointing a William O. Douglas or Thurgood Marshall type justice to the Court, they only have to obstruct appointments in a manner that the Dems will never do to a Republican potus. Need evidence of that? Samual Alito? Clarence Thomas? John Roberts? Do these names ring a bell? Yes, the dems borked poor Robert Bork, but that was a long time ago and poor Robert Bork had served Richard Nixon too well. Robert Bork actually borked himself in the Saturday night massacre, he was just a late victim of that miserable public affair.

The pick at the top of the ticket in this election is a hobbesian choice. Both of the candidates are firmly in the control of the big money folks, the have-mores as George W called them. Romney might claim to be the candidate of the 53%, but that’s not true, he is the Emperor of Bain Capital. Read’m and weep.

Obama? Sad sack. I voted for him once upon a time. I didn’t believe in him at that time, but I was willing to give it a shot. The Dems are always saying, please, just give us one more chance. I thought why not? in 2008 and voted Obama. I wanted Dean or Kucinich, but the Bainsters who control our political system are not going to allow that kind of option, so I voted Obama. I used to say that the only republican I ever voted for as President was Bill Clinton, but now I have done it twice. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… I won’t get fooled again or something like that, Bushisms are so complex in their inanity that they approach genius.

Here is an interesting video that makes the point that the electorate really is trying to choose between pepsi or coke for potus. Tastes better, less filling, tastes better…

Leaves a bad taste. Thanks to Slate, David Weigel, and Luke Rudowski at We Are Change for this work.

I will be back in a day or two to talk about Climate Congress 2014 – The Contract with Climate.

Top of the list? Carbon Tax, baby! A twofer. We jam the environmental destroyers, the petro-bainsters and we fix the deficit in one fell swoop. I love a fell swoop. If you are going to swoop, fell swoop, baby.

If you are desperate to get votes in the Obama column, go steal them from the Romney supporters. That’s a twofer, Romney loses one, Obama gains one. That is where the fruit is hanging low. Hang low, sweet fruit. Pick’m if you want’m.

Kucinich decided not to run for Congress in WA

Supporters of Dennis Kucinich, who was considering running for Congress her, received the following email.  The deadline to file is 5/18.

I would like to thank you for your support, and thank the tens of thousands of concerned Citizens for Kucinich who in the past few months have written, emailed and called to discuss my running for Congress in Washington State.

At the end of this term I will have served sixteen years in the House of Representatives, leading the way for peace, to bring an end to the wars, for workers’ rights, for health care for all, for monetary policy reform and to end the corrupting influence which money has on our political decision-making process. My staff and I have worked to deliver a level of constituent service to the people of Cleveland, which most agree is unmatched for results. As testimony to our efforts in the Cleveland area I received about 75% of the vote from my present constituents who were included in the newly redistricted area in which I ran in March.

Because of my love of public service, I have given a great deal of time and much thought to the advice and encouragement I have received from so many people of good will in Washington State. I certainly want to continue to be of service to our country and to the working men and women who have built it.

After careful consideration and discussions with Elizabeth and my closest friends, I have decided that, at this time, I can best serve from outside the Congress. My commitments to peace, to workers’ rights and to social and economic justice are constant and are not dependent upon holding an office. They are dependent upon my continuing to stand up, to speak out, to organize, to motivate and to inspire our nation as to its deeper potential. This I promise I will do with great energy and heart.

I will complete my service in the U.S. House on January 2, 2013, with the same passion and devotion to duty with which I began it on January 3, 1997. And when I do, I shall think of you and all those who have given me encouragement to continue to be of service, and I will smile, knowing that we shall meet again in our celebration of the potential of citizen activists to change the world.

Please continue to encourage your friends and family to sign up at www.Kucinich.us because we will need to continue to work together for change outside Congress, as we have worked for it from within. This is just the beginning!



Save Social Security by Scrapping the Cap: video from Highline CC event

The Social Security Works Washington coalition is educating young and old folks about the importance of the Social Security System and how one simple fix will ensure EVERYONE will benefit from this vital social program. By balancing the amount everyone contributes – Scrapping the Cap – the social insurance will continue for many generations. Rep. Dennis Kucinich joins the conversation.

For a related article see Scrap the Cap; Dennis Kucinich in Des Moines, on Social Security, Taxation, War, Trade, and Justice.

Washington State Labor Council president Jeff Johnson: Pelz criticisms of Kucinich "reprehsensible"

At Bob Hasegawa’s State Senate campaign kickoff event in Renton today (Sunday), I spoke with Washington State Labor Council president Jeff Johnson. I asked Johnson what he thought of State Dem Chair Dwight Pelz’s criticisms of Dennis Kucinich. Johnson authorized me to report that when he heard of Pelz’s words, Johnson phoned Pelz and told him that he thought Pelz’s criticisms were “reprehensible.” Johnson said that Pelz responded by saying that they’d have to agree to disagree.

Last year and again recently, Pelz ridiculed Kucinich for considering a run for Congress in Washington State.

Last summer Johnson said, “His [Kucinich’s] message is resonating well out here in the labor community, and if he did decide to run, we would welcome him.”

Apology Requested for Erroneous Statements Made about Congressman Dennis Kucinich


As a lifelong member of the Democratic Party in Washington State and a Peace Activist for more than 40 years, I am deeply offended by the false statements made by our State Party Chair Dwight Pelz against one of America’s leading progressive Democrats, Congressmen Dennis Kucinich. I have therefore written the following letter to our State Party chair Dwight Pelz requesting that he end his campaign of character assassination and issue a public apology to Congressman Kucinich.

We do not know whether Congressman Kucinich will run in Washington State. But what is certain is that Dwight’s lack of respect for Congressman Kucinich is having a chilling effect on many progressive members of the Democratic Party – at a time when party unity is needed if we are to re-elect President Obama, re-elect Senator Cantwell and elect Congressman Inslee to the Governor’s Office.

Article I, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution grants Dennis Kucinich the right to run for Congress in any State he chooses. It also grants the voters the right to choose whoever they wish to represent them in Congress. If there is one thing the Democratic Party should stand for, it is protecting the Civil Rights and the Constitutional Rights of All Americans.

If you agree with me that our nation needs to choose Peace and Prosperity over War and Austerity and that is important to keep Dennis Kucinich in Congress, please go to our website washingtoncitizensforkucinich.org and sign our petition. Hundreds of Washington State Democrats have already signed our petition. We hope you will join us.

If you agree with me that Dwight’s conduct is inappropriate and harmful to the unity of the Democratic Party, I urge you to email Dwight and let him know that you think he should reconsider his actions and the effect they are having on our Party.

David Spring, M.Ed.,
Board Member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus,
5th LD Representative to the King County Democratic Party Central Committee,
PCO for Twin Peaks Precinct, North Bend and Member, Washington Citizens for Kucinich

April 17, 2012
To: Dwight Pelz,
Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party
PO Box 4027 Seattle WA 98194 (206) 583-0664

From: David Spring, M.Ed.,
Board Member of the Washington State Democratic Party Progressive Caucus,
5th LD Representative to the King County Democratic Party Central Committee,
PCO for Twin Peaks Precinct, North Bend and Member, Washington Citizens for Kucinich

RE: Apology Requested for Erroneous Statements Made about Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Dear Dwight,
I am writing to express my concern about three statements you have made in the press which appear to be a campaign of character assassination against one of America’s leading progressive Democrats, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. These statements are not only offensive to Congressman Kucinich; they are deeply offensive to many in the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party.

As you know, Congressman Kucinich is the former Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He is also a national leader of the Peace Movement, a national leader of the Workers Rights Movement and a national leader of the fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. These are all important components of the Democratic Party. Just in Washington State, there are nearly 200,000 union members, most of whom deeply appreciate the fact that Dennis has opposed the outsourcing of union jobs to sweat shops in China. There are at least 100,000 seniors who appreciate the work Congressman Kucinich has done in protecting Social Security and Medicare. And polls show that over 60% of all Democrats oppose endless trillion dollar foreign wars. We Peace Activists deeply respect the work Congressman Kucinich has done to promote and advance the cause of Peace in our nation.

Now is not the time to divide the Democratic Party by offending the hundreds of thousands of union members, senior citizens, peace activists and Progressive Democrats in our State who admire Congressman Kucinich. In making your offensive statements, you are dividing and harming the Democratic Party at a time when we need party unity to re-elect President Obama, re-elect Senator Cantwell and elect Congressman Inslee to the Governor’s office. None of these things will be possible without the grassroots support of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Below are the three statements I believe were inappropriate and harmful to the unity of the Democratic Party. I am hoping you will review these statements, reconsider your position on these issues, end your attacks on Congressman Kucinich and issue a formal public apology to Congressman Kucinich and to the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party. .

1.      Your Statement that Congressman Kucinich was “rejected by the voters of Cleveland” is False and Misleading

Yesterday, April 16, 2012, you were quoted in several national newspapers as saying that Congressman Kucinich had been “rejected by the voters of Cleveland.” In fact, as the following Table from the Ohio Secretary of State’s Website shows, Congressman Kucinich got 73% of the vote in Cleveland. Almost three out of four Democratic voters in Cleveland voted to return Dennis Kucinich to Congress.
Unfortunately, thanks to Republican Party gerrymandering, Congressman Kucinich was forced to run in a Congressional District where the deck was stacked heavily against him. Instead of condemning Congressman Kucinich, you should be condemning the undemocratic gerrymandering of the Ohio State Republican Party.


Your inaccurate statement was picked up and published in newspapers and other media sources all over the nation and has caused severe harm to Congressman Kucinich’s reputation. It is not appropriate for the Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party to be making false and derogatory statements about one of our nation’s leading Democrats. I therefore request that you immediately issue a public statement correcting the record and apologizing to Congressman Kucinich for the damage you have inflicted on his reputation.

2.      Your Accusation that Congressman Kucinich is a “narcissist” is False
On Sunday, April 15, 2012, in an interview by the Seattle Times, you accused Congressman Kucinich of being a “narcissist”. This is an extremely derogatory term which is only applicable to a person who is so mentally ill that they are unable to think of or act for the benefit of others. Congressman Kucinich has been a public servant for more than 30 years. He saved the public power system in Cleveland – despite threats against his life!  He stood up against unfair trade agreements that led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs. He stood up for our civil rights in opposing the Patriot Act. He stood up to the Wall Street trillion dollar bailout and he opposed the $4 trillion dollar endless global war that has killed more than one million people. Congressman Kucinich has devoted his life to helping the poor and the elderly and the middle class. He is the exact opposite of a self-centered person. You owe Congressman Kucinich a public apology for this baseless name calling and reckless character assassination of one of the leaders of the Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.

. 3. Your Accusation that Congressman Kucinich is a “Carpet Bagger” is False
Several times in the past year, you have also been quoted in the media as claiming that Congressman Kucinich is a “carpet bagger.” This term is a very derogatory term which comes from one of the darkest periods in US history – right after the Civil War – when dishonest Yankee Republican politicians from the North would take a train to the South, run for office in a rigged election motivated solely by a desire to exploit the Southern States. These corrupt politicians when they were traveling often used a very cheap form of luggage called a Carpet Bag. Carpet Baggers enriched themselves through bribes, graft, theft, kickbacks and other despicable acts. This outrage led to bitterness and hatred in the south for the next 100 years. The term Carpet Bagger should not be used lightly – and it certainly does not apply to Congressman Kucinich.


You have claimed that the voters of Washington State would reject Dennis as an “outsider.” But it is a fact that one in three voters in our State is actually from another State. The voters are much more likely to care about where a candidate stands on the issues than what State the candidate came from. The fact that Jay Inslee had been defeated in Eastern Washington did not prevent him from moving to Western Washington and winning a seat in Congress.

In 2000, Hillary Clinton became the first former First Lady in history to run for the Senate. She moved from Arkansas to New York and won in a landslide. She too was subjected to character assassination and inappropriately accused of being a carpet bagger.


Despite being falsely accused of being a carpet bagger, Hillary Clinton was warmly embraced by the people of New York because they agreed with her position on the issues. The fact that she had moved from Arkansas to run for the Senate in New York was completely irrelevant to the voters of New York.In our own State, Cheryl Huff recently won an election in King County by a landslide after moving here from another county literally at the very last possible moment. No one cared where she was from – only that she was the best candidate for the job. Senator Slade Gordon also moved here from another State to run for office as did State Representative Roger Goodman. Darcy Burner is also from another State. We even have a candidate running for Congress this year who is from Nepal. The Democratic Party has and should continue to welcome any Democratic candidate who is legally qualified to run for office. There is simply no evidence that the voters care about where a candidate is from. All they want is someone they agree with on the issues.Dennis Kucinich is not corrupt and he is not interested in enriching himself. Instead, he is motivated by his deep desire to end war and spend the money creating jobs here in America. We do not know whether Dennis Kucinich is going to run in Washington State or not. But Article I, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution grants Dennis Kucinich the right to run for Congress in any State he chooses. It also grants the voters the right to choose whoever they wish to represent them in Congress. Calling Congressman Kucinich a carpet bagger is not only dishonest; it is a violation of his civil right to run for office where ever he wants and a violation of the civil rights of voters to choose their own representative. If there is one thing the Democratic Party should stand for, it is protecting the Civil Rights and the Constitutional Rights of All Americans!  I therefore request that you apologize to Congressman Kucinich for attacking his character and violating his civil and constitutional rights.

Dennis Kucinich is an inspirational speaker and progressive leader who has 16 years of experience and seniority in Congress. He is the ranking Democrat on the House Labor and Education Committee and also the ranking Democrat on the House Government Oversight Committee. But most important, he is the national leader of the Peace Movement at a time in our nation’s history when our nation is faced with the clear choice between Peace and Prosperity or War and Austerity. If Dennis Kucinich were to come to Washington State, it would help the Democratic Party by rallying thousands of progressive Democrats, union members, seniors and peace activists to turn out and vote. This would help us elect Jay Inslee, Maria Cantwell and Barack Obama.

Our party is supposed to be the party of the Big Tent. We value diversity and respect differences. We honor and protect the civil rights and freedom of all Americans. We believe in the democratic process. When a party leader attacks a respected member of the Democratic Party with lies and baseless accusations, it harms the entire Democratic Party. I therefore respectfully request for the good of party unity in this important election year that you reconsider your past statements, end your attacks on Dennis Kucinich and issue a public apology to Congressman Kucinich and to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

David Spring, M.Ed.,
Board Member of the Washington State Democratic Party Progressive Caucus,
5th LD Representative to the King County Democratic Party Central Committee,
PCO for Twin Peaks Precinct, North Bend and Member, Washington Citizens for Kucinich

Is State Dem Chair Dwight Pelz trying to help Republicans?

In State Dems to Kucinich: Get lost, Seattle P-I reporter Joel Connelly  joins State Dem Chair Dwight Pelz in badmouthing Dennis Kucinich for considering a run for Congress in Washington State.

Why is Pelz viciously attacking a Democratic hero who stands for everything Democrats should believe in?

Kucinich is much loved by unionists (for his standing with them during the WTO protests in 1999), by peace activists, by seniors (for staunchly defending Social Security and Medicare), and by progressives.  When Kucinich gives speeches, he regularly receives standing ovations.

Why is Pelz calling Kucinich names?

Republicans don’t attack their own and alienate important constituencies.

Is Dwight Pelz trying to help Republicans?

Dwight Pelz

Will progressives stand back and  let centrist Pelz get away with this?

Pelz’s harsh words were quoted in national media (e.g., in the Washington Post and USAToday).

Kucinich supporter David Spring convincingly argues that Kucinich should be welcomed with open arms by Pelz and other Dems.  As things stand now, there’s a large risk that Democrat Inslee may lose to Republican McKenna in the governor’s race.  Kucinch would energize both the Democratic base and Independents fed up with the corporatism and militarism of both major parties. (Kucinich is not afraid to stand for what’s just.)  Independents love Kucinich and repeatedly voted for him, because they know he’s for real.   See Spring’s Why have 80 Percent of Independent Voters voted for Dennis in his past campaigns?    Kucinich lost to Kapur in the Ohio primary because the Republicans gerrymandered the district to favor Kapur in the primary, in which  Independents cannot vote.

I encourage readers to really check out David Spring’s informative website Washington Citizens for Kucinich, especially

Is there any truth to the corporate media claim that Dennis cannot win in Washington State?

and the other Answers to 12 Most Common Questions about our campaign to Keep Dennis in Congress. The examples of “carpetbaggers” who won in What about the corporate media claim that Dennis would be a Carpet Bagger? are powerful.

The existing Democratic candidates in the 1st CD (from just north and east of Seattle and extending up to the Canadian border) have had a bad track record at winning elections. Kucinich would be a much stronger candidate.

Progressives need to have the courage of their convictions and stand behind the greatest progressive in the House. It’s time for progressives to take back the Democratic Party from centrists and DINOs.    Centrism by the President led to the shellacking of Dems in 2010.  Centrism in Washington State led to the fielding of centrist Democrats such as the trio of “Road Kill” Senate Democrats who voted with the GOP in support of a regressive budget. This is a chance of a lifetime — to have Dennis Kucinich represent us — and a chance to kick out the centrists.

Dennis Kucinich may decide not to run, or may decide to run in 2014. Either way, Kucinich needs to know that we progressives support him, and we progressives need to stand up for the true Democratic principles that Kucinich embodies.    Dwight Pelz should apologize to Kucinich and to progressives who, for too long, have been ignored by the leadership of the Democratic Party.