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Resolution to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana

(The following resolution has been adopted by numerous state Democratic organizations, as shown at the bottom) Resolution Endorse and Support the Passage of Initiative Measure No. 502 To Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Marijuana for Adults 21 and Over WHEREAS thousands of Washington adults are arrested, prosecuted, and convicted for simple marijuana possession each year, wasting […]


Is the Democratic Party dead as a progressive force?

All indications are that the Super Committee will slash Social Security and Medicare, while allowing the 1% to retain their unconscionable tax breaks and allowing the military budget to get off relatively unscathed. (My Inbox is filled with warnings to this effect, from advocacy groups.) The Obama Administration, staffed with Wall Street executives and Bush-era […]

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Bernie Sanders sums it up

“In negotiation after negotiation, the Democrats continue to give the Republicans almost everything they want.  Despite the fact that our deficit problems were caused by the greed on Wall Street which led to the current horrendous recession, huge tax breaks for the rich and two un-paid for wars, the President and the Democrats have gone […]

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Rallies statewide, phone calls to Senator Murray to end Big Oil subsidies

Today, 14 U.S. Senators called on the Congressional Super Committee to end subsidies for Big Oil. This is our chance to end this outrageous program.  We need Sen. Patty Murray to make this issue a priority on the Committee. Join Environment Washington at a rally this week to show Sen. Patty Murray strong public support […]

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Tea Party versus Occupy Movement

The Tea Party movement is not just a grassroots phenomenon. It was nurtured and financed by the likes of the Koch brothers and Fox News. But it can’t be denied that it does express some populist outrage at government corruption. See That Tea Party-Occupy Wall Street Venn Diagram for an excellent, short depiction of the […]

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Rep. Hasegawa to talk about state bank at Mercer Island library Sunday

The King County Legislative Action Committee will host Rep. Bob Hasegawa (11th) at this month’s meeting: Sunday Oct. 16th, 2-4 p.m. at the Mercer Island Library. 4400 88th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, WA 98040-4148 Click here for a “printer friendly” version of the map & directions Rep. Hasegawa is sponsor of the State Investment Trust […]

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Supercommittee Co-Chair Patty Murray Accepts Award from Defense Industry As She Mulls Cuts To Pentagon Budget

AlterNet is reporting that Supercommittee Co-Chair Patty Murray Accepts Award from Defense Industry As She Mulls Cuts To Pentagon Budget. “Murray’s individual take in defense industry donations since 2007 is greater than the combined total of the top four supercommittee Republican recipients.” I phoned Murray’s Seattle office and asked her aide to pass on my […]

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How can WA Dems pressure Senator Murray to stand firm?

I’ve heard from several activists that their efforts to talk to Senator Murray and her staff are having little success I’m a member of the Healthy WA Coalition, along with about 100 groups, and so far, even though our efforts have made the news and rated a (negative) op-ed in the Seattle Times, we haven’t […]

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Sen. Cantwell sponsors extension of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit

At a forum on low income housing and homelessness prevention Friday, August 26, Sen. Maria Cantwell discussed the bill that she is co-sponsoring with Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe to extend and strengthen the affordable housing tax credit.  The forum took place at the Salishan housing development in Tacoma and was attended by about 300 people […]