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How President Obama and his supporters damaged the Democratic Party

Finally, near the end of his presidency, President Obama is displaying the sort of fighting spirit that we needed early on. Unfortunately, Obama is directing his wrath at Elizabeth Warren and other progressives. Just two years after the end of disastrous and corrupt presidency of George W. Bush, Democrats were dealt a shellacking in the […]

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An alternative to the Dems

Hell with the DNC! We’ve got to be able to do better than the Pepsi versus Coke brand war of Republicans versus Democrats and their Bush versus Clinton dynastic choices. We need an independent progressive party and independent candidates. It’s not that I don’t agree that any party championing progressive policies couldn’t inspire more Americans […]

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How to Get Your State Democratic Party to Oppose Common Core

This afternoon, a miracle happened in Washington State. The Washington State Democratic Party became the first Democratic State Party in the nation to pass a resolution opposing Common Core! This is huge because Washington State is not only the home state of Bill Gates. It is also the home state for the SBAC Common Core […]

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Why was turnout so low among possible Democratic voters?

Turnout for last month’s election was low — under 37% nationwide and under 50% in Washington State. National turnout for youth (18 -29) was at about 21.5% according to The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. Under 30% of registered voters voted in Texas and New York. Why was turnout so […]

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Dems' Resolution Opposing Common Core Standards

WHEREAS the copyrighted (and therefore unchangeable) Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of controversial top-down K-12 academic standards that were promulgated by wealthy private interests without research-based evidence of validity and are developmentally inappropriate in the lowest grades; and WHEREAS, as a means of avoiding the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment prohibition against federal […]

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Listen to Howard Dean!

Let’s see, in 2004 the Progressives from both the Dean and Kucinich camps had to threaten the DNC leadership with walking out unless Governor Dean was appointed Chairman. Then within two years the Democrats were back in control of the House. And in 2008, thanks to Governor Dean’s 50 state program and the Progressives, we […]

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Dems should run candidates with prior experience at winning in local races

Remember this list of all the Democratic Races in Eastern WA I posted on facebook a number of days ago? With the results in ….. the most obvious common denominator among ALL these races is that the Democratic candidates with NO ELECTED OFFICE EXPERIENCE ….. LOST by wide margins …. while those with experience …. […]

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Why we should vote for Hillary in 2016

Someone on another site said he doesn’t know any liberals who WANT to vote for Hillary in 2016 other than the fact that she’s less objectionable to any Republican candidate.I am a liberal, and I will happily pull the lever voting for Hillary in 2016. And I’ll tell you why. Because she is a woman, […]