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How the Washington State Democratic caucus worked to sabotage progressive candidates

The House Democratic caucus in Washington State supported Democrat Matt Larson over Darcy Burner in the 5th LD primary for House seat position #2.  Darcy is a strong progressive. She worked in D.C. as Executive Director of Progressive Congress and has a big following. The Democratic Caucus contributed $50,000 to Matt Larson. Later, after Darcy […]

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Darcy Burner played a big role in fixing the Senate filibuster

Virtually Speaking reports that Washington State’s Darcy Burner played an important role in Harry Reid’s move to fix the Senate filibuster. Click here to hear filibuster experts Joan McCarter and David Waldman’s analysis.  Listen from 10:30 to hear the discussion of Darcy’s role. Here’s an excerpt: To me Darcy Burner was instrumental in moving us […]

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Suzan DelBene fails to file important records with FEC, faces possible felony investigation

With only a few days left in the primary race for the 1st Congressional District,  progressive champion Darcy Burner and centrist Democrat Suzan DelBene are neck and neck in the polls. But recent revelations about DelBene’s failure to file important records with the FEC may (should) decide the race. Washington State Progressive Caucus Chair Judith […]

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MoveOn's email in support of Darcy Burner

[This was in my email inbox this morning.] There’s one critical primary in Washington State this year—and with just 8 days left, it’s crunch time.   The ballots are in voters’ hands, and candidates and the Super PACs supporting them are spending millions in Washington’s 1st District. But of the seven candidates, there’s only one […]

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Gregoire endorses Suzan DelBene, repeats GOP talking points about taxes

“I know Suzan DelBene personally. I put her private sector experience to work for our state as Director of the Department of Revenue. Suzan immediately went to work to help close the state’s budget gap while easing the burden on small businesses.” That last phrase repeats and reinforces a Republican talking point: that taxes are […]

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Attack ad against 1st CD candidate Suzan DelBene

Below are scanned images of one of the anti-Suzan DelBene fliers sent out by Progress Washington, which, according to this article, was a PAC formed by Laura Ruderman’s mom, Mary Rotchschild. (Ruderman and DelBene are running for Congress in the 1st CD.) Ruderman and her mom have come under criticism by some Democrats for engaging […]